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26 June 2006

Rejection, the DEVIL!

Why do we avoid making new friends out of strangers? The predominant reason is that we fear rejection, don’t you all agree? The rejection, if it happens, doesn’t only create a superficial injury, but hits right to the very depth of what you are. It hits your ego with a bang, denting the confidence shield that you had built through the years. Obviously, this is the reason why some people go without friends or a mate. One single rejection in life could topple an individual completely, would instill a sense of un-wantedness in the individual, leading to dire consequences like death, depression etc. Such a state of chronic mental depression may flare up into psychotic behavior troubling the society.

So, what is an individual supposed to do? Go without making new friends, girl friends, acquaintance? Continue living a lonely life?

If you took the same attitude towards obtaining a job, you'd never get a job. You need to go on interviews and get rejected. If you are willing to deal with rejection in your career why not apply it over other kinds of rejection too. Get over it and get going.

Rejection doesn’t mean that you are a failure; it is that you didn’t meet your proper friendly match. Trying to mend a rejection is fatal. Realize, if rejected it means that the person or career wasn’t right for you and mending means you have to live with all the shortcomings.


you have a REJECTION

you have a REJECTION




So go man, Make more friends. The world's BIG, there’s sure to be someone who may like you!


Lokesh said...

It is really thoughtful vikram. A good boostup to the ones who get rejected by their new friends.

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