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08 January 2010

Tiger Woods: Shirtless in Vanity Fair

The Tiger Woods scandal continues to fascinate, even with little or no new details surfacing in weeks. See this month's shirtless Tiger Woods Vanity Fair cover.


We suppose, given that this was one of the most shocking celebrity scandals of the decade - nay, the millennium - it may fuel celebrity gossip for some time.


In addition to "raw" and "never-before-seen" photos by Annie Liebovitz (taken before the scandal), Vanity Fair features a essay by sportswriter Buzz Bissinger.


The Friday Night Lights author reflects on a fall from grace unlike any before in American sports. Anything new? Not really. Compelling writing? Absolutely.


Hey, he may be in seclusion somewhere (Arizona, Florida, NYC's Trump Tower, etc.), but who needs new stories when they can ogle Tiger Woods shirtless.



Tiger Woods Shirtless

Tiger Woods, shirtless, pumps iron in a photo taken before his sex scandal erupted. .


SOURCE: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/


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