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16 August 2007

Why we do what we do?

Why we do what we do? The words didn’t just drop out of my mouth today. It is on pure feelings stemming from the experience I had recently. All along the spectacle called life we do few or sometime many things which are not under our scope of our thinking. Even though there is a thin line of realization running all along we end up hurting our loved ones- family, friends, relatives etc. Where does this instinct stem from? Is it a method to get our way.

The cause for this cotemplation is an incident that took place today with some friends. The words that were exchanged during an argument ended up the worng way and we started getting our feelings hurt. But, I could see that whole drama was being enjoyed by everyone of us. Trying to pich people at the wrong place (feeling ) was really exciting, :-)

I broke my head the whole day yesterday on this issue without landing on a solid ground. I have rolled it all over my brain’s nooks and corner without any results. I still had to come to a conclusion, isn’t it? I should say, whether you agree or not, the cause is the pint of sadism that is inherent in the human beings.

Sadism gives you a slim rippling pleasure and everybody enjoys without comprehending. You let know someone that he/she could be a sadist he/she immediately will deny it. But, the same person would heat up an argument to enjoy those moments. A little bit of devil exists in all. I iterate at this point that the sadism I am talking about is definetly not destructive sadism, which is pure psychopathic.

As said earlier, the sadism I am mentioning fits the saying, “A little devils exists in all”

Where and when did this sadism take root? When you were damn young to realize the implication of Life and death, haven’t you ever pushed an ant crawling on the sand into the stream? Haven’t we all tried to bottle a butterfly until it died? We did get a tinge of deep excitement in doing it. We have, didn’t we? No sin! God forgives!

This is the dawn of sadism that it took root in our soul. Later, as we grew we buried the sadism under the light of knowledge when we realized the meaning of HURT, LOVE, LIFE and not the least DEATH. Though it’s buried, it does stick its finger out at times. We need to train ourself to recognize it and suppress it.

How strong you are is determined by how strongly you supress the negative ideas..........

Good Luck!



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