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17 April 2008

D day!

Hmmmmm, the D day is sliding closer and will be around the corner soon.... My marriage is fast approaching.
It's just 20 days away and the joke is, I haven't yet started shopping. I had never been this casual on anything like this in my whole life, I believe. There are people, family and friends, fully loaded, running around crying that there is lot to be done. However, here I am mute and enjoying as if its a weekend activity.
I have to yet take a suite,buy cloths, book tickets, apply leave and so on and on... I have been advised by dear ones to start at the earliest, but I have no juice to start yet... why???

May be its that the mind realizes that all is going to be well and relaxes.... Trying some philosophocally spiritual stunt ;-)
I did draw a list of things that I need to load my bag for the last journey as a bachelor. I had a clear line drawn over how I will fit the purchase under the budget. Neverthless, in the morning after I dictated what I may need to my kind friend, who obliged to help me by making a note of my musings,
I realised that it jumped my budget by 50% percent, so SAD! I am not sure if the cause is me or my friend who jotted down everthing I quoted. I am sure he wasn't doing his job perfectly :-) He wasn't filtering the unwanted (censoring) as I expected him to do... I may have to consider firing him for not doing a proper job. Hope he doesn't see this post! :-) I will have my revenge when we are gonna switch roles as he would also be getting married in June! I will have my day then....(Roar!!!) :-)
Anyways, I have bewitched him into accepting to join me in my shopping. The list is huge and I plan to start early today!
First as the vedanta says, get the marriage invitation ready, I am gonna get it make a choice and get it printed. I dread to miss someone close and dear when distributing it and fall under their wrath. May be I can place the blame on my dear friend, Lokesh, for the miss. :-) You know there is always dear, kind, good friends on whom you can drop all your garbage!
Then there are my parents running pillar to post setting up things for me. I have my uncles too in the war front. I am now, a startegic co-ordinator, just calling up and running the bussiness from the remote. Thank Airtel/Vodafone, I am coooool. Call, Order and Relax! It will be done. You got it?

All comedy and no gyan is like watching a masala movie. So here is the gyan that I am gonna share with you on preparing yourself for the marriage.

The basic strategy is to list out the needs based on the activities that you expect during the days of your marriage. For example, you can start lisiting from the point you leave your place to the wedding.
Say, you travel a way too long to the place of marriage,then you would need a pair of cloths to travel. It is not advisable to travel in your wedding dress. Likewise, list all the activities in order thay are expected to take place and the expected needs for them.

1. Travel from home to wedding place. 3 hrs. Needs: Cloths to travel, cloths to change for the wedding, cosmetics to groom and freshen up, locate a place to freshen up en route, etc
2. Wedding day: Dress, how the ceremonies is going to effect your look and what you need to get back in shape, etc
3. Visit to the in-laws: Dress, if you are staying back at their place what you may need. etc etc
4. Honey moon: .............. :-)

And so on....

I would advice you prepare an itinerary after consulting both the parties and that would help you in coming up with a golden plan.

Don't ever start late like me. Do your shopping as early as possible. A good example would be my friend who has already bought a crib... :-) ... Jai Lokesh......

Finally, not the least, be cool don't take it seriously. This is the essence!

All's well that's Ends well!

And, my saying is, “ALL's well that start's Well”....

Go Rock!
Ps: If you need my friend's assistance in preparing the list, I would be too happy to lend him.


Anonymous said...

Notice to the Readers:

Please Don't help a friend when he is nearing the D'day.If everything works fine - it is ok or else they will become more responsible than we expect and will leave all the blame upon us.

" A friend to blame is a friend indeed"

Vikram Dude- Don't worry, I will repeat the same in another 30 days.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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