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20 May 2008

Best time of the day to workout!

What is the best time of the day to do bodybuilding? This question is frequently asked in the fitness world. Beginners and busy people are the ones confronted by this doubt.So, what is the best time of the day to workout? Is there a particular period in a day when body responds well? Read on to know!

The favourable time to exercise varies between the individuals. It depends on the person’s bio-rhythms. Few people are comfortable working out in the morning, while few people prefer evenings.

I personally feel working out in the afternoon between 12pm to 1pm is the best. However, this time might not be suitable for outdoor activities, note. Completing the workouts before 1 PM provides enough time for the body to cool down well before the sleep time and prepare it for falling asleep at night.

Remember, effects of the exercise could be enhanced by choosing the right time of the day or month for the workout.

60% of the men and women prefer to workout between 4pm and 7pm. The body temperature at this period is at it's highest, the muscles more flexible, the heart rate and strength are at optimum best. This is widely recommended by the experts. Working out at this time might not be suitable for one staying in hot part of the world, that continue to have high temperatures in the evening. It may lead to insomnia, wherein the person will have trouble falling asleep at night as the body is yet to cool down for sleep. However, if you are from that part of the world where the temperature is low, you can go in for a workout in the evening too.

Another 20% prefer working out in the morning. However, this may lead to lethargy through the day. The people going to work will have trouble. They tend to feel lazy and are drained out to carry out work through the day.

Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs ...Image via Wikipedia

10% percent like me prefer working out in the afternoon, as mentioned earlier.

For a woman, the best time of the month for endurance exercise is 7–14 days after ovulation. At this time, the progesterone is peaking in her body and this affects how the body uses the fats and carbohydrates. Remember, exercise during menstruation can reduce period pains.

Always take a week off from exercise after working out for three weeks. This helps body to pack on muscles.

The time of the workout depends on the individuals conditions, both physical and environmental. With little bit of trial and error you can obtain the suitable time for your personal self.

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