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27 May 2008

How to prevent bad breath? How to stop having a dirty mouth odor? Tips and suggestion to prevent foul breath!

Foul breath is a turn-off. It’s embarrassing to have one and the realization that we have it, tend to keep us away from socializing. In extreme case, it can dent our self-confidence to an unimaginable extent that it could transform the way we comprehend and approach life outside home. It could stop us from being poignant with people without restraint, and making new acquaintances.

A recent report indicates that nearly 80 million people suffer from chronic foul breath, medically known as halitosis. Halitosis demands a specialist to treat it. However, if your mouth odor isn't so severe to be a chronic halitosis, then by following few simple rules you can keep foul breath at bay. Read on!

Generally, bad breath is a result of two things:

1. Oral Hygiene.
2. Gastro intestinal hygiene.

Implies, the cause for a bad breath is not the mouth alone, but also the digestive track. In both the cases the initiator is a bacteria. It simply implies that you need to eat healthy to keep your digestive track in good condition, damn simple isn't it? Apart from brushing, it is highly advised that you induct regular floss into your clean-teeth regimen for a holistic oral health.

Here are few things that you need to follow to prevent and camouflage bad mouth odor:

1. Chew on mint (pudina).
You can also take it internally by obtaining mint capsules from the medical store. Make it a habit to take them after breakfast. It will do good the whole day. Chew on cardamom. It is said that it's a good foul breath fighter.

2. Take a serving of yoghurt everyday.
Yoghurt neutralizes the odor causing Hydrogen Sulphide in the mouth.

3. Clean your tongue every day.
Dirty tongue will make your breath smell like garbage. However, avoid over doing the tongue scrubbing, as this would destroy the taste buds on your tongue and your ability to sense different taste could get affected.

4. Brush
Brush your teeth twice everyday.

5. Use mouthwash
Use mouthwash to keep the breath fresh the whole day.

6. As a masking attempt, use chewing gum.
Chewing gum would keep your mouth wet by generating saliva continuously, thus preventing bad odour. In addition, this act would wash away the bacteria and in some case, it could kill the bacteria too.

7. Drink more water.
Apart from the health reason, drinking water also prevent bad breath.

8. Clean your bowels everyday.
Go to toilet everyday first thing in the morning.

9. Take a glass of lukewarm water.
Take a glass of lukewarm water as soon as you are out of bed in the morning. This tends to wash down the odour causing bacteria found in the digestive canal and will kick start a fresh mouth for you.

10. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin C, it seems is anti-bacterial.

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