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13 August 2009

Welcome to the August 15, 2009 edition(PART 2) of muse on everything down here.

his time too there was an overwhelming response. Many articles were submitted that I had to split the articles into parts. One part I decided to publish on www.aumtrails.com and the other on vikramkir.blogspot.com.

Nothing special was taken into consideration to split the articles. A straight line was drawn right in the middle of the submission and the first half went on one web site and other to the next one. Anyways, I have linked to each other on the websites. Visit them to enjoy


1. http://www.aumtrails.com/?p=112

2. vikramkir.blogspot.com

1. www.aumtrails.com

2. vikramkir.blogspot.com

Welcome to the August 15, 2009 edition of muse on everything down here.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Awesome Sites for Buying, Trading, and Selling All Your Books posted at MasterDegreeOnline.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Kindle Swindle? posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Best Social Sites for Students, Academics and Educators posted at Associate Degree Blog.

Patricia Turner presents 100 Things You Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification.

Linda Jones presents 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources to Reinvent Your Career posted at JobProfiles.org - Job Descriptions and Online Schools to Start Your Career.

Susan White presents 100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics posted at Best Colleges Online.

Michael presents How to Rust-Proof Your Car posted at Vital Motion, saying, "Rust-proofing your car can have some serious benefits for your car, but it isn’t cheap or easy."

Anne Simone presents 101 Lectures for Your Open Source Education posted at Online College.org.

Emma Taylor presents Top 10 Celebrity Professors posted at MasterDegreeOnline.

Chris Hoke presents A Lovely Trip To The Zoo (With Animal Parts) posted at ChrisHokeBlog.com, saying, "The wife describes a trip to the zoo and how things have changed since I've been last."

presents Mango Salsa Recipe Selection posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "Spice up your food with these really easy mango salsa recipes"

Farid presents Babor: Skincare Systems that Work posted at Babor: Skincare Systems that Work, saying, "Babor is a company dedicated to helping women find their inner and outer beauty through skincare systems designed for all skin types. Whether your skin is oily, dry or suffering from the stresses of life, Babor has a product line to address the individual needs of your skin. This company uses only the highest quality ingredients to provide products that cleanse, treat and pamper. As one of the top skin care and cosmetic companies in Europe, Babor is now gaining popularity in North America as women on this side of the globe are tuning to the luxurious Babor formulas."

Farid presents Dr Brandt | www.DermCareMall.com posted at Natural Skin care products, saying, "The Dr. Brandt line of skin care products was founded by Doctor Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist and practicing doctor in the realm of skin health and cosmetic procedure who has more than twenty years of both research and practicing experience. His research has led him to discovering just how useful ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and green tea can be in the treatment of the skin, which has, in turn, led to those ingredients forming the foundation from which he would eventually build an entire line of skin care products."

Anne Simone presents 100 Ivy-League Literature Courses You Can Take for Free at Home posted at Learn-gasm.

Farid presents How to Get Sexy, Plump Lips in 30 Days posted at Gold Investing, saying, "Full lips are scientifically linked to how sexually attractive we appear to potential mates. One way to take years off your looks is to create the appearance of rounder, plumper lips. They communicate youth, vitality, and sexual maturity. And incredible lips are achievable without painful, expensive and unnerving injections of botulism. You too can have lips as luscious as Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian in less than one month. Achieving that starlet pout is one part skin care, one part choosing the right products, and one part optical illusion. Let's look at your way to round, pouty, gorgeous lips in four weeks or less."

Farid presents Five Ways to Prevent Wrinkles posted at Acne treatment, saying, "Preventing wrinkles is one of the primary concerns of most people who are concerned with their own appearance. People don't want wrinkles for a few reasons. The first is because they change the look of our skin, and make us appear older, but even more important is that they make us FEEL old. When you look in that mirror and see wrinkles, it makes you feel old and tired. Luckily, with all we now know about skin care, there are many steps that can be taken in order to prevent wrinkles."

Linda Jones presents 50 Books You Should Read Before Entering the Real World posted at JobProfiles.org - Job Descriptions and Online Schools to Start Your Career.

Katie Sorene presents How to Get Stuff for Free Wherever You Go! posted at Travel Blog - Tripbase.

Elisha Webster Emerson presents The Stories That Fill Up The Dark posted at My Inconvenient Body, saying, "Horror stories: Why we tell them."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Satirical Blind Date Contract posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Ben Lau presents Hong Kong PolyU Design Annual Show posted at vidafine.com, saying, "Every year, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)'s School of Design holds an Annual show featuring students' works. This year, the school recognized that design is no longer a "one-way street" and that the underlying theme for the show would be "Response". This was chosen to emphasize communication and interaction in the making of good design. I have compiled a short list of a couple of my favourites from the show."

Linda Jones presents The 100 Essential Books You Should Have Read in College posted at Online Courses.

istylethis presents Wedding Dress 101: Find the Right Silhouette for Your Body posted at Para ti Novia, saying, "Are you petite? A little frame doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you know your way around the bridal shop. A lines and drop waists will help elongate your frame..."

Ben presents Want to Get the Best Solution to Your Problem? Use Intuition posted at Self Help Gold, saying, "Have some faith in the power of your intuition. Don’t try to solve all of your problems with compulsive thinking. Practice using your intuition to solve your problems. You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of your solutions."

Barbara Williams presents 100 Real-World Survival Guides for Recent College Grads | Online Classes.org: Find the Right Online Class Match posted at Online Classes.org.

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Recent College Grads – Online Degree Programs.org: Top Online Degrees posted at Online Degree Programs.org.

Kate Hopkins presents 100 Best Blogs for Law School Students posted at Online Schools.

Kate Hopkins presents 100 Tips, Tools, and Guides to Get Your Kid into Any College posted at Online College Degree.org.

Steve Faber presents Cash For Clunkers ? What it is and How it Hurts the Poor posted at super gas saver, saying, "Hey! It makes people who can't afford to buy their own new car help buy one for their neighbor, but that's not how it really hurts low income Americans."

nissim ziv presents Fresh & Easy Careers: Fresh and Easy Careers to Get Into posted at Job Interview Guide.

nissim ziv presents How to Pick a Career of Interest? How to Find your Perfect Career? posted at Job Interview Guide.

Susan Howe presents Let’s Play Dress Up! 25 Incredible Kid’s Costume Ideas and Resources for Parents posted at Star Costumes Blog.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future posted at Clear View Education Blog.

Susan White presents 100 Best Book Blogs for History Buffs posted at Online School.

Susan White presents 100 Excellent Continuing Ed Sites for Teachers posted at Online Education.net.

Linda Jones presents The 100 All-Time Best Dormroom Hacks posted at Online Universities.com.

Barbara Williams presents 25 Super Smart TV Shows You Can Actually Learn From posted at Online Courses.org.

Anne Simone presents 100 Best Online Archives for Music Majors posted at Online Colleges.

Kate Hopkins presents 10 Lessons Every Student Can Learn From Einstein posted at Online College.org.

Rick Schiano presents My Confession is all Wrong posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

Kate Hopkins presents 100 Free Tools to Create Your Own Personal MBA Program posted at Online Colleges.

Susan White presents 7 Supermodels Who Went to Top Colleges posted at Online College.org.

oneyeartrip.com presents one.year.trip: Top 10 Offbeat Things to Do in Tokyo posted at one.year.trip.

Kate Hopkins presents 100 Best Blogs for Career-Minded Students posted at Online Schools.

Susan White presents 50 Tips and Tools to Find Scholarships on Twitter posted at Online Education.net.

Kate Hopkins presents 25 Twitter Projects for the College Classroom posted at Online Colleges.

Alvina Lopez presents How to Not Go Broke in College: 100 Tips, Tools, and Tricks posted at Associate Degree Blog.

Brooke Allen presents Scars posted at Rambling Brooke.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Best Blogs for Library Science Students posted at Online Degree Programs.org.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Totally Fun and Weird College Courses You Can Now Take for Free posted at Online Classes.org.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Tips, Tools, and Guides for Taking a Gap Year Before College – Online Degree Programs.org: Top Online Degrees posted at Online Degree Programs.org.

Linda Jones presents Beyond Monster: 50 Great Career Links for Recent College Grads posted at Online Universities.com.

Susan Howe presents 30 Amazing Resources for Creating the Scariest Makeup Effects You’ve Ever Seen posted at Star Costumes Blog.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of muse on everything down here using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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