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06 August 2009

What to eat before and during pregnancy? Pregnancy Eat Food Tips!!

What to eat before and during pregnancy? Pregnancy Eat Food Tips!!
ating healthfully for two without putting on too much weight is a prominent problem for pregnant women.Staying in a healthy weight increases a woman's probability of getting pregnant. If a woman has excess body fat at the time of conception, there is an greater risk of neural tube defects, even when she is in-taking the recommended amount of folic acid, a B vitamin linked with a lower risk of these defects.

Starting a pregnancy at a healthy weight gives the child a better chance of developing normally. It also lowers the risk of several complications for mom during those nine months, including high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and delivering a baby that's too large and may require Cesarean delivery.

Gaining the suggested number of pounds during pregnancy helps to minimize complications for mother and child, and it helps women achieve a healthy weight after pregnancy. Research show that women should try to take off the surplus pregnancy pounds, in a safe manner, within one year of delivery. After that, they're to be expected to keep those pounds on.

For the duration of the first 3 months, a pregnant woman does not require any extra calories. This seems strange, given that the baby is growing by leaps and bounds. However, the baby is still far too small to require extra energy from the mother. Calorie needs increase during the second 3 months. At that time, a woman should put in about 350 calories to her pre-pregnancy diet and about 450 calories a day more throughout the third trimester. Women who begin pregnancy overweight may need fewer calories and those who are skinny may need more.

Calcium needs does not rise with pregnancy. That's because a woman's body becomes efficient at absorbing calcium. Though, many women begin pregnancy with a calcium deficiency and need to increase their calcium consumption to make the 1,000 milligram-a-day quotas. That's the quantity found in about three 8-ounce glasses of milk. Fortified 100% orange fruit juice contains as much calcium as milk, too. Other calcium-rich foods include yogurt, cheese and tofu processed with calcium sulfate. Women shouldn't depend on multivitamins or prenatal dietary supplements for calcium — they do not contain quite enough. But if a woman can't accomplish her calcium requirement with food, she should consider calcium supplements.

Many women go into pregnancy with low iron stores. Pregnancy increases iron needs because your body produces more iron-rich red blood cells to support a growing baby. That reduce the supply of stored iron in a woman's body, so she must consume an iron-rich diet to keep up with pregnancy strain. Even with a reasonable diet that includes such iron-rich foods as grains, beef, poultry, pork and seafood, it's hard for most women to get the 27 milligrams of iron they need every day during pregnancy.
That's why it's an excellent idea to take a multivitamin with 100% of the daily value for iron and other indispensable minerals and vitamins to fill in any nutrient gaps.

Pregnant women should absolutely avoid alcohol. Alcohol can cause permanent harm to a developing child. It dispossess a baby of oxygen and nutrients that are required for the growth of every organ, most notably the brain. Heavy drinking during pregnancy increases the risk of mental retardation, birth defects, learning disabilities and emotional and behavioral problems. There is no identified safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, and studies show even little alcohol during pregnancy can cause troubles in children.

Moving forward, pregnant women should limit caffeine to 200 milligrams a day, about the quantity found in 10 ounces of brewed coffee. Caffeine has been associated to a higher risk of miscarriage in some studies but not all.
Work out helps to promote weight control, reduces blood pressure, reduce stress that may result in overeating and perk up circulation and vigor. It may also assist women in sleeping better.

Most women with easy pregnancies can work out all over their pregnancies, and they can begin a program like walking while pregnant even if they have not worked out in the past. However, always consult your doctor about the exercise.


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