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18 December 2008

Diet Secrets. Diet Plan Basics that Help You Design An Effective Diet!

I am certain that you are here because your diet plan isn’t working! You have by now, meticulously pursued different diet plans that never seem to work. You are frustrated! You realize that there is something wrong in your diet plan. Definitely, there are many ready-made diet plans available in the market that formulate tall claim. However, do they really work? No! These plans do not work for everyone, as the body type is different for different people. None of us has same body composition. The solution is to design a customized diet plan, personally. Yes, it takes little bit of trial and error, however down the lane you will certainly have an effective, working diet plan. The idea of this article is to provide you with few basic diet secrets that you need to keep in mind when you chart a diet and tag along.

Find some tit bits below:

* Make it a point to drink at the least eight glasses of water everyday. Eliminate all other drinks like soda, lemonade, tea from your diet plan.

* Intake one glass of water 1 hour before food, and avoid taking water for at least an hour after food, this, a yogic method that the yogis engage to stay slim and flexible.

* Consuming a glass of water when you feel like snacking will bring the craving down.

* Avoid Coffee! Coffee triggers insulin production and keeps it up for 8 hours in a stretch. Avoiding coffee is beneficial in bringing the blood pressure down resulting in good overall health.

* No Aspartame, as is believed to trigger extreme hunger pangs. Avoid this with all means.

* Keep track of your carbohydrate intake. Cut down gradually until you feel depleted and lethargic in the early evening. (Warning: Don’t over do it. Keep a conscious track of your body during the cut down). This is your carbohydrate plateau. Increase a bit of carbs intake everyday for a week from that point onwards. When you find yourself comfortable energetically at the end of the day, you have the amount value of Carbohydrates your body actually needs to sustain the energy demands of your typical day; anything over it is FAT in future!

* Calculate the minimum protein requirement your body needs and make sure that you get it by all means. For example at 6 feet, you may be required to consume approximately 100 grams of Protein. There are many resources available on net to guide on calculating the protein requirement. Just look around. May be, I will bring an article on this in the near future.

* Don’t completely avoid fat, however go in for good fat foods that have Omega-3 Fatty acids like, butter, cashews, olive oil etc. Avoiding fat totally could result in your skin loosing it’s texture, suppleness, and the ability to stretch and shrink. Nevertheless, keep the fat intake at bare minimum.

* Go for Cod liver fish oil capsules everyday to counteract unhealthy fats in meat and egg yolk.

* Remember, once more, don’t avoid fat, and don’t overdo fats.

* Vegetables are good and in addition, if they are rich in fiber it’s great. However, try to minimize the intake of vegetables like corn, beans, and potatoes, as they are very high in Carbohydrates.

* A single piece of bread can load you with carbohydrate required for the whole day. Try keeping the flour intake minimum.

* Fruits are good, but do not overdo them, as they tend to wickedly load sugar into your body. Go for fruits that supply less sugar like papaya.

* Since you have cut down on most of the food varieties, you need to supplement for the missing mineral and nutrients. Failing to do so could impair your body’s repair and recovery mechanism, resulting in destruction of your overall health. Good news is, the vitamins and minerals could aid weight loss. For example, calcium has tendency to burn fat. Purchase a good holistic vitamin supplement after consulting a doctor.

* Get 8 hours of sleep everyday or you will feel depleted through the day. Avoid napping during the day. Go out for a fresh air if you feel like hitting the sack in the afternoon. Nap in the afternoon tend to pile fat in your body.

* Avoid snacks. If you feel too hungry, go for some food rich in fiber, like Oatmeal.

* Now for the ultimate secret, Exercise. Exercise everyday for at least 25 minutes. Try to club aerobics with light weight lifting, which will help in sustaining the lean mass. If you avoid weights completely the diet plus aerobic regime will eat into your lean mass, resulting in skin sagging, wrinkles, stretch marks etc.

* Avoid working out while you are in process to identify the carbohydrate plateau. Start only after your body stabilizes to the amount of carbs you supply. Once you start working out and you feel you need little bit more energy, go in to add carbs a bit to your diet.

* Fiber, Fiber, Fiber! Get at least 25 grams of it everyday. Makes you feel full through the day, thus preventing you from loading yourself with food.

* Track your progress. Keep a weight chart. You can print one that could be available online.

* Listen to your body. Don’t overdo dieting. Have a positive outlook. With little bit of trial and error you will have your ultimate diet plan.

I would advice you to consult a doctor before beginning a diet plan to be sure that it’s suitable to you.

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