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26 September 2008

Dog Grooming Tips! Grooming My Dog! Grooming Your Dog How To!

A Keeshond-Sibirian Husky puppy

Dogs and puppies need grooming just like we do. Well-groomed dogs are healthy and vibrant. Regular grooming habit develops a subtle relationship between the dog and it’s owner, as well. It offers time together, brings down stress in the owner, prevents pangs of loneliness, allows the owner to become more familiar with the dog’s body, promotes good health for the dog and the owner alike, and many more!

Like always, in the beginning, it’s a learning phase for both you and your dog.You should proceed with tons of patience and treats to perfect the art of grooming. Begin slowly first and as your dog starts accepting, go ahead introducing new grooming regimens. But, remember to "Make It All Fun"!

Dog-grooming regime is made up of:

  • Dog or Puppy Grooming Bathing
  • Dog or Puppy Grooming Brushing
  • Dog or Puppy Grooming Nail Clipping
  • Dog or Puppy Ears Cleaning
  • Dog or Puppy Teeth Cleaning

    Everything else is a subset of the mentioned activities. I will attempt to provide some simple, yet valuable tips on these topics.

    Use a dog shampoo. There are many online stores, which sell cheap yet quality products. Human shampoo is harsh on your dog and may result in texture loss and thinning of the coat. When you love your dog so much why settle for something that is inappropriate? Do a little bit of research while making a choice!

    Always drop a rubber mat or a towel inside the tub to prevent slipping. This lets you have good grip on your dog while the dog stands set comfortably.

    Use warm water, not hot, to bath the dog during winter. During summer, you can go ahead with lukewarm water or if the water is not that cold, you can go ahead with cold water. Remember to test the water temperature before application.

    Wet the coat, lather, and then rinse thoroughly. Take effort to rinse thoroughly to avoid shampoo residue on your dogs fur.

    Avoid water and shampoo in eyes and ears.

    Bath Frequency: Except, if your dog got into something dirty, you need to bath the dog just once a month. You should avoid bathing the dog frequently for it will dry the skin and the coat by removing the natural oils from them.

    Brushing ensure shining coat!


    Brushing regularly is good for your dog as it removes dead hair, spread the natural oil across the dog’s coat, and removes the dead and dry skin, consequently ensuring a healthy shining coat. It stimulates the skin for better blood circulation, as well.

    Different types of brushes and combs are available in the market categorized based on the type of brushing, as regular use and specific use brushes. General purpose tools are used daily for regular brushing. Some examples are combs and Pinhead brushes.

    Choose the brushing tools based on your requirement!

    There are specific brushes like Shedding blades and Universal slicker brushes, which are used predominantly for removing dead coat, however could be harsh on the skin if used regularly. The choice of the tools is purely based on your requirement.

    Finishing slicker brushes are wonderful for creating fluffy look in the fringe hair but not good for general purpose brushing.

    Initially keep the brushing sessions short and gradually increase the time as your dog gets used to it. Again make it all Fun with treats and rewards!

    Brushing Frequency: Do it daily regardless of size of the coat using the general-purpose brushing tools. You can sporadically do specific brushing based on your requirement.

    Trim the toe!


    Trim the hair around your dog’s feet to prevent them from accumulating dirt. But, don’t trim between the toes and pads.

    Use scissors to do the trimming.


    The nails curve as they grow and can become uncomfortable for the dog. You need to clip the nails regularly to avoid this. In addition, regular nail clipping can prevent wear and tear of your floor and carpet.

    A couple of clippers are available in market specifically for the dogs. Get one of them. Any style is ok if it fits comfortably in your hand and has a sharp blade on it. Ensure that the clipper doesn't block your view while clipping. Have some Anti-Septic powders in hand in case there is an accidental cut.

    Clip only that tip of the nail where there are no visible pink veins under the nail, in case your dog has white nails.

    In case, your dog has dark nails then clip little by little watching the nail tip straight until you see a pale oval shape in the tip. Stop there!

    Clipping Frequency: Every two weeks

    Clean ears prevent ear infections!


    Clean ears obviously means No Ear Infections!, for your dog and sure will make your dog feel good.

    Use a cotton ball soaked in ear cleaning solution to wipe your dog's ears. Don’t use water, it may infect the ears as it takes time to evaporate. Wipe the insides of your dog’s ears only until the area that you can reach comfortably. Don’t try to go any deeper. You will be able to obtain the ear cleaning solution from a pet store.

    Ear Cleaning Frequency: Clean your dog's ears about once a week.

    Tooth brushing saves expenses!


    To prevent tartar, gum infections in your dog give your dog a regular brushing.

    Purchase a toothbrush and tooth paste formulated for the dogs. Don’t use human toothpaste, as they are not suitable for you dog.

    Start slowly, stick to the front of the mouth until your dog gets used to it before trying to access the rear half. You only need to clean the outside surface of the teeth, rest is taken care naturally by the dog's tongue.

    Teeth Cleaning Frequency: At least once a day.

    Stick to this routine and find your dog more healthy and more adorable than ever before!
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    Puppy In Training said...

    Thanks for the thorough list on dog grooming tips. We try to keep to a schedule when it comes to dog grooming. The only thing we don't do is trim the hair around the feet. All three of my dogs have very short fur around their feet to begin with. However, I have heard that keep the fur in this area reduces dog odor.

    Cin said...

    Very imformative blog. I am always looking for tips to grooming my mixed breed. Oh, and please come by my blog and meet one very cute dog-she's different!

    :)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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