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15 September 2008

Choose Best Gaming Laptop ! Build a gaming laptop ! Custom gaming laptop

Gaming laptops are the best possession of a gamer and they do not use it for any other purpose such as e mailing or surfing Internet for any business purpose. If you would like to possess a good laptop then you must check that you have a high end processor, headphones or speakers, an optical mouse and high end graphic cards. The most inventive 3D games require custom gaming laptops and therefore all laptops are not suitable for this purpose.

If you would like to possess the best gaming laptop you have to take into account various things like the processor, the headphone, high end graphic cards and also the price. It should be able to support all the technical subtleties of the most inventive 3D games. Hence, you must be very choosy about buying a laptop. The gaming laptop prices of late have been varying between 600 USD or Rs. 25000 to one lakh rupees. In fact the custom build laptops are obtainable between 2000 USD and 10000 USD. Normally the gaming laptops are expensive since the storage space is high and they are technically very sound.

Usually the ones which are available in the market these days do not always come with all the facilities so it is best to assemble one for yourself which will give you a satisfaction. You can select the different parts of your computer and assemble them to achieve the best results.

  • While choosing and buying a gaming laptop you must find out about the LCD screen resolution. Several of them are available at the market like SVGA 800X600, XGA 1024X768, VGA 640X480, WXGA+ 1440X900, QVGA 1280X960, SXGA+ 1400X1050, SXGA 1280X1024, UXGA 1600X1200, QXGA+ 2800X2100, QXGA 2048X1536, QUXGA 3200X2400, WXGA 1280X800, WUXGA 1920X1200, and WSXGA+ 1680X1050. These are some of the screen resolutions fit for gaming laptops and you must know about the pros cons of these before purchasing a computer.

  • The RAM or the Random Access Memory for a gaming should be 1GB or more. A minimum of 1GB is required for a high speed gaming laptop and you should also check that the machine you are buying must have an option of expanding the memory. It is often seen that in case of gaming laptops one has to expand the memory to 4 GB. Therefore, this option is necessary.

  • As far as the hard disk is concerned it should be 40-80 GB. A better HDD with a capacity of 80+GB is even more exciting since the high end games installed in your computer would require a huge storage space. An RPM Drive is a good option since it reduces the time consumption while the processing continues.

  • Your gaming laptop will give the best performance if you have a powerful mother board and unlimited processor. The CPU is the brain of your laptop hence it is important for the brain to be powerful in order to achieve the desired performance. The capacity should be unlimited and the speed should be good so that your gaming experience remains unparalleled.

  • Another thing which is very important for your laptop is the battery life. You should check whether the battery back up of your laptop is good otherwise it might get switched off while you are in the middle of a game.

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