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23 September 2008

Health Benefits Of Dietary Supplements! Safe Herbal Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements, also known as nutritional supplements or food supplements, are a preparation particularly intended for supplying nutrients including minerals, vitamins, amino acids or fatty acids, which are missing or are not consumed in adequate quantity in the diet of a person. The DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education) defines dietary supplement or the nutritional supplement as a product, which:

- Supplements the food stuff you intake
- Contains one or even more dietary ingredients including minerals, herbs, vitamins and other botanicals, amino acids and other substances
- Comes in capsule, liquid form or pill

Different Kinds Of Dietary Supplements

There are various kinds of dietary supplements or nutritional supplements. Minerals and vitamin supplements are kinds of dietary supplements that contain micronutrients meant in order to assist a healthy and fit body to function smoothly. Herbal or botanical supplements are the type of dietary supplements, which have a remedial purpose. Herbal dietary supplements usually support a particular region of the body's physical condition like the bones, liver or skin.

Health Advantages Of Vitamin And Mineral Dietary Supplements

Minerals and vitamins are the micro nutrients, which serve a particular purpose as well as benefit the body in a very unique way. For instance, Vitamin A enhances the bone growth and vision, while Vitamin E supports the body's immune system and assists in repairing the DNA.

Mineral and vitamin deficiency impair the body's aptitude for helping and protecting itself.

Consuming vitamins do not make up for the unhealthy diet plus vitamins are inadequate substitutes for nutrients from clean and freshvegetables. In addition fruits and whole grains are general mineral supplements and multivitamin which can certainly act as an excellent safeguard.

Benefits Of Herbal Dietary Supplements

The herbal dietary supplements are different from mineral and vitamin dietary supplements as they encompass medicinal value. The herbs also called as botanicals are the humanity's oldest fitness care tool and in addition basis of various modern medicines. Taking the herbal dietary supplement in combination with healthy diet and good standard of living can be advantageous. Thereby, large number of people intake natural or the herbal dietary supplements in order to cure different health conditions and to promote their general well being.

Herbal dietary supplements come in different forms including dried or fresh products, solid or liquid extracts and capsules, tablets, powders as well as tea bags. Herbal supplements improve energy, relieve stress, promote weight loss, improve memory and enhance mental performance.

Who Can Greatly Benefit From These Dietary Supplements?

Several groups of people due to distinct nutritional requirements particularly benefit by taking dietary supplements. They include:

1. Women of childbearing age who need additional iron and calcium
2. Lactating or pregnant women
3. Teenagers and children with irregular and unbalanced eating habits
4. Vegans or vegetarians
5. Seniors
6. People or dieters avoiding several food groups
7. People having eating disorders and medical conditions including deficiency diseases, lactose intolerance, absorption problem or similar problems
8. Individuals who often consume fast and processed food

Apart from selecting dietary, herbal or nutritional supplements, it is essential to consider the following points:

1. Check the efficacy and safety of the dietary, herbal and nutritional supplement you intake
2. FDA do not analyze the ingredients and the content of the dietary supplements
3. The producers of dietary supplements must fulfill FDA'S GMP - good manufacturing practices for the food
4. Particular health claims on the dietary supplements label are not granted by FDA and must incorporate a disclaimer which states that the dietary supplement is not at all intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any diseases

Nevertheless, if you are thinking consuming a dietary supplement instead of drugs it is feasible to consult your doctor first in order to avoid any side effects.

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