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04 April 2009

Muse on everything down here - April 15, 2009 Blog Carnival Edition

Welcome to the April 15, 2009 edition of muse on everything down here. This time there was an overwhelming response on varied topics. I am excited to publish the articles and happy to be a part of the blogcarnival family. Take a look at them and dwell deep in the article that interests you. Though there were few articles that were out of scope of the current edition, I have decided to publish them for the bloggers' spirit!

I recommend the ones highlighted. I liked the posts, hope you like them too.

Nora Dunn presents Victorian Bush Fire Diary: February 7th - DAY ONE posted at The Professional Hobo, saying, "The Victorian Bush Fires in February/March 2009 was the worst natural disaster Australia has ever seen. This is a blow-by-blow account of the first terrifying day of the fires."

Matt K presents Corporate Flight Attendant Community posted at Flight Attendant, saying, "Everyone has been there at some point ?you're headed to the Bahamas for your luxury vacation, and your baggage gets lost along the way."

JRickG presents Not Quite Lotus posted at JE Gonzalez.

One Language presents A Basic Introduction to Adverbs posted at Learn English Articles, saying, "What you should know when trying to learn about adverbs"

Big Slick presents Bankroll Building Tips posted at Big Slick Poker, saying, "Thanks to online poker, it is possible to build a nice gambling bankroll from next to nothing"

Spanish Kit presents Using Connecting Words In Spanish posted at Learn Spanish Blog, saying, "Some ideas for using connecting words in Spanish"

English Subject presents Learn English - English Speaking Tutorial » Blog Archives » Introducing Your Children to English Speaking Schools posted at English Tutorial, saying, "How to introduce your children to English speaking schools"

The Traveler presents New York attractions posted at Ellis Island - Statue of Liberty, saying, "Some attractions in new york city"

Praveen presents Still Following My Investment System With No Tensions posted at My Simple Trading System.

Ray K presents As Seen On TV… ShamWow | JustSaver.com posted at JustSaver.com, saying, "Hello there, Blog Carnival Leader! My blog, www.justsaver.com, is relatively new, any advice or insight you can provide me would be appreciated. Thank you for considering my article. :)"

Sarah presents Famous Women Poker Player Profile: Lucy Rokach posted at Female Poker Player, saying, "Lucienne (Lucy) Rokach �C one of these top-notch women, is an English poker player from Stoke-on-Trent whose notable achievements include earning over $1.9 million in total poker winnings."

Matt K presents Corporate Flight Attendant Community posted at Flight Attendant, saying, "Following these travel packing tips can make your trip a little easier."

One Language presents Learn English Articles » Blog Archive » Simple English Sentence Construction posted at Learn English Articles, saying, "One of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language is understanding how to string together all the words you��ve learned into a cohesive sentence."

Byteful Travel presents Is Navy Pier a glorified shopping mall? posted at Byteful Blog, saying, "The city of Chicago is full of wonders and gems for the curious traveller to discover, many of them available free of charge. After briefly visiting Wrigley Field, I explored the famous Navy Pier, which reminded me more of a small city than a pier. (Tons of high resolution photos included.)"

Gambling Tipster presents Expected Value | Gambling Tips posted at Gambling Tips, saying, "The Gambling Tipster explains the one concept that is crucial for success in any form of gambling: expected value."

JRickG presents Financial Integrity posted at JE Gonzalez.

alvos presents Mexican tacos. I know you?ll love them! posted at dayamn.com.

Joe Hayes presents Gout Diet posted at Gout Diet Foods, saying, "Great diet tips for those wondering what foods they can eat if they're at risk or suffering from Gout, which is a really painful form of Arthritis."

Den Levin presents Downtown vs. the Strip | Play In Vegas posted at Play In Vegas, saying, "When you are in Vegas, there's a big difference between playing on the Strip versus Downtown."

Jessica presents The Advantages of Working with a Travel Agent posted at Jessica's Travel Tips: Travel For Cheap, saying, "Sometimes, a travel agent can be useful when planning your trip."

Andy presents The Enteric Nervous System, Our Gastrointestinal Overlord | Doomsday Labs posted at Doomsday Labs.

Party Poker King presents Why Party Poker? posted at Party Poker Success, saying, "While most online poker rooms are similar, Party Poker has a few special things going for it."

EGM presents Will Anyone Buy Hybrids Now? posted at Increase Gas Mileage, saying, "After the recent plunge in gas prices, will anyone be interested in buying hybrids?"

The Budgeter presents Budgeting On An Unknown Income posted at Keep Your Cash, saying, "If you are a self-employed professional, you probably find it very difficult to calculate the accurate figure for your income."

Lance Cooper presents How to Invest with $10,000-$50,000 in the Current Market Condition posted at Recession Thoughts, saying, "The stock market has experienced tremendous volatility in the past 3 months leaving many of us wonder what and how to invest our money in 2009."

Spicymiss presents Pay to play! posted at Jaya's musings.

English Subject presents Learn English - English Speaking Tutorial » Blog Archives » Understanding English Language Contractions posted at English Tutorial, saying, "As if English wasn't complicated enough already, you'll eventually be faced with the challenge of throwing in contractions."

The Traveler presents posted at Ellis Island - Statue of Liberty, saying, "When many people think New York City, they think "expensive" and for the most part��..they're right! The food is expensive, the hotels are expensive, and the shows are expensive."

Den Levin presents Intro to Casino Games | Play In Vegas posted at Play In Vegas, saying, "What Vegas game is best for you? This article ranks games by house edge, difficulty, and fun factor."

Party Poker King presents Common Beginner Mistakes posted at Party Poker Success, saying, "For whatever reason, new poker players tend to gravitate towards making the same general mistakes."

The Eclectic Female presents Three Easy Ways To Learn Spanish posted at The Eclectic Female, saying, "over 400 million people speaking Spanish as their native tongue (and counting!); it's easy to see how you'll benefit from learning Spanish as a second language."

Travel Advocate presents Air Safety Awareness Heightened Resulting from US Airways Miracle Landing posted at The Travel Advocate.

Spanish Kit presents Why You Should Learn Spanish? posted at Learn Spanish Blog, saying, "Currently, Spanish is the primary language for over 400 million people around the world. Twenty three countries use Spanish as their nation language, and there are over 38 million people in the United States alone who speak Spanish as a primary language."

English Subject presents Learn English - English Speaking Tutorial » Blog Archives » Understanding Business English and Etiquette posted at Learn English, saying, "One of the most often cited reasons for learning to speak English is career advancement."

AEDINSY presents Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You posted at Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You, saying, "If your intuition has been triggered, and you know there's something's wrong with the relationship, then you shouldn't ignore your feelings. Learn how to find out if your man is cheating, and if not - whether or not he is good marriage material in the first place."

AEDINSY presents Alcoholism and Marriage posted at Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You, saying, "ALCOHOLISM is a marriage killer! It can rip apart and threaten the core of ANY relationship and undermine the foundation of the whole family. Learn to recognize the problems and get solutions to dealing with ALCOHOLISM AND MARRIAGE. Don't become a statistic, start improving your marriage by reading this informative article today!"

AdmirableIndia.com presents Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 11: Chothavilai Beach or Sothavilai Beach: Part 1 posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Asheesh presents Chinese Astrology Years - Chinese Astrology - Animal Zodiac posted at My Free Horoscopes, saying, "Chinese Astrology years are named after one of the twelve animals featured in Chinese astrology. Chinese astrology years are devoted to the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey,"

One Family presents Stamp Collecting – Introducing Philately to Kids and Free Stamps Giveaway posted at One Family's Blog, saying, "An introduction to philately (stamp collection) for kids and free worldwide stamps giveaway."

Ashley Cook presents Pamplona Bull Run | Spain For Tourists posted at Spain For Tourists, saying, "If you plan on visiting Spain in the month of July, considering going to the famed Pamplona Bull Run for some entertainment and an adrenaline rush"

Erika presents Holidays And Celebrations In The Hispanic Culture posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "As you may already be aware, there are a number of holidays and celebrations that are held sacred in Hispanic culture �C much like Christmas and Easter in America."

Erika presents How To Pronounce Spanish Letters posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "Compared to some of the other languages in the world, Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn, especially when it comes to pronunciation."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Multi-Task Madness posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

AdmirableIndia.com presents Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 13: Mathoor Hanging Bridge: Part 1 posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Byteful Travel presents Find Nemo at Chicago?s Shedd Aquarium posted at Byteful Blog, saying, "On a Tuesday in August, I visited the most popular cultural attraction in Chicago: John G. Shedd Aquarium, which contains over 25,000 fish and 2,100 species of fish, mammals, birds, snakes, amphibians, and insects. From the dolphin show to the incredible Wild Reef exhibit, the Shedd Aquarium is an experience you won’t forget. (high resolution photos included)"

Brad presents Sustainable Society - Tri-Freedom posted at Tri-Freedom, saying, "Argument for importance of renewable energy over implementation of energy efficient technology."

LisaInOz presents Times like these posted at Surviving Oz, saying, "Australians' extraordinary response to the fires in Victoria."

Brian McKay presents What's in the Stimulus Bill for You? posted at MonitorBankRates.com, saying, "We have listed all the benefits for individuals in President Obama's stimulus bill that was just passed."

Mr Credit Card presents Credit Restoration Brokers - An Interview With Sam Sky posted at Ask Mr Credit Card, saying, "This is an interview with a debt consolidation and negotiating company. You will be educated on many issues regarding debt."

travelcat4 presents Should We Visit Countries That Allow Paid Hunting? posted at Eco Holidays.

travelcat4 presents Cruising Is Much Worse Than Flying! posted at Green Holidays.

Global Traveler presents Basic Tips for Traveling in Arabic Countries posted at Traveling Around The World, saying, "If you��re considering a trip to an Arabic country, there are few guidelines and tips that you should follow."

Mike Lares presents Poker Articles About Online Poker Rooms posted at online poker, saying, "You love to play poker but you hate to lose money, especially when the hands you have been dealt lately have been pretty bad."

Erika presents The Island Of Ibiza posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "Among the hottest tourist destinations in Spain is the island of Ibiza. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 kilometers off the Spanish coast, it is one of the Balearic Islands."

Kathryn presents 10 Sexiest Things About North Beach, San Francisco posted at San Francisco is Sexy, saying, "Travel information for people who want to enjoy the sexy side of this historic Italian neighborhood in the Bay Area, California."

The Smart Gambler presents Suggestions For Poker Trip Locations posted at Poker and Gambling Advice, saying, "Some suggestions if you are visiting the USA on a poker trip."

Cory presents Exercising in a Recession posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Thinking that exercise is too expensive is no excuse to avoid it. Here are some tips to get good, fun exercise for cheap."

Cyndi presents Anxiety/Stress Relief techniques posted at Evolution Ezine?Evolution Ezine - Collect your free mind power and self growth gifts, saying, "Stress relief techniques that anyone can implement in the moment to counteract the physical response to stress and anxiety. These techniques are simple and work quickly with amazing results."

Junior presents What To Do If You Can?t Make Your Car Payments posted at Car Commentary, saying, "Tips if you are in the unfortunate situation of being unable to make your car payments."

Ozone presents Casino Incompetence posted at Online Poker Strategy, saying, "Many American casinos are on the verge of bankruptcy. While the recession is a major factor, the root of the problem often lies in their incompetent management."

Expat presents All You Wanted To Know About Berlin Germany Travel posted at A Germany Trip, saying, "Quick guide on making a trip to Berlin."

Joe Hayes presents ROUSH Mustang posted at Ford Mustang, saying, "A brief overview of the history of Roush Mustangs, along with some of the performance specs and features of the race ready Ford tuner car."

Joe Hayes presents Fireplace Screens and Accessories posted at Fireplace Screens, saying, "Discusses the purpose for fireplace screens and some of the common types. It's not too late for next winter you know!"

Stickman presents New Kids On The Block and 90210 posted at Stickman Musings.

Josef Benjamin presents 3 Steps To Being A Highly Effective Attraction Marketing Star Player posted at Josef Benjamin Online, saying, "How would you like to claim your stake in the grounds of the highly profitable attraction marketing oil wells? Would it excite you to know that if you followed a few simple a-b-c steps you could make a 5 figure monthly income online promoting yourself and a proven system?"

Mike Lares presents Poker Articles About Online Poker Rooms posted at online poker, saying, "Poker is a family of card games that share betting rules and usually hand rankings."

Erika presents Skiing in Spain: the Catalonia Pyrenees posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "You have probably heard all about the beaches of Spain; the truth is that Spain is not only all about summertime travel. The country offers a winter wonderland made possible by the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains."

Dating321 presents Breaking Up Tips posted at Free Dating Advice, saying, "Breaking up is difficult to do, but it is important you go about in a mature and respectful way."

Ashley Cook presents Secret Prom Accessories posted at Prom Blogger, saying, "Some great prom accessories no one ever needs to know about."

TwoGun and Ozone presents The Resiliance of Poker posted at Online Poker Strategy, saying, "Despite the economic slowdown, poker is still thriving."

Sarah Scrafford presents How an Average Investor Should Use Currency ETFs posted at Currency Trading.net.

Mike presents A Short Made In Heaven- Apple (AAPL) posted at Bear Market Profits, saying, "Why shorting Apple stock may be a good idea right now."

Roma Hudson presents Baby Crochet Patterns Give Me 5 Minutes posted at Easy Crochet Info, saying, "There is a large selection of crochet baby patterns available online that you can choose from, whether gifts for christening, a birthday present, or just something useful for your new born. With all the different designs and colors you will never be out of choices. Here are some of the patterns that I found online. Sign up for the E Course because I intend to add some crochet patterns to send you in the near future."

Suzanne Casamento presents Suzanne Casamento: The First Question of the Day posted at Suzanne Casamento, saying, "At the Question of the Day, I ask a question every day and bloggers comment. It can be anything from, "If you were to order a pizza right now what would you get on it?" to "If you got $1 billion what would you do with it?""

Majestic Vision presents 10 inspirational quotes posted at tarot13.info, saying, "Thank you for reading this material/post"

Sunny Tan presents Why Do Men Lie About Cheating - Is My Man Cheating - Signs Of Cheating Men posted at Cheating Men, saying, "Why can men not just fess up after cheating?"

Raising Whiskers presents Cats Toilet Training - Litter Box - Toilet Training posted at Cat Care Tips, saying, "Yes, you can train your cat to use the toilet."

AdmirableIndia.com presents Amarnath Yatra: Part 2: Sheshnag mountain and Panchtarni posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Dana presents Teaching understanding posted at Simple Pleasures.

Eric Michael Johnson presents The Nature of Partisan Politics-Part I posted at The Primate Diaries.

Eric Michael Johnson presents The Nature of Partisan Politics-Part II posted at The Primate Diaries.

Cyndi presents Hypnotic Language Patterns | Evolution Ezine posted at Evolution Ezine?Evolution Ezine - Collect your free mind power and self growth gifts, saying, "In just one five minute video postyou will learn how to use the word try in a way that will benefit you and those you are working with. You will learn how to use a specific language pattern, "The More the More", to greatly increase the effective of your communications.And you will learn how the tonality of your voice affects the message that you deliver."

Jenny Jen presents PhotoLab Reviewed posted at JennyReviews.com, saying, "Health, Beauty, Software, and As Seen On TV Product reviews by Jenny and friends. Add Your Review for a Chance to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card."

Alexis presents March 2009 #1 - New Escorts - Client Demographics posted at Alexis Club Videoblog, saying, "After almost 24 years in business, and serving three different generations that whole time, you would be amazed at how often the question of age pops up. Naturally, we decline or discourage providing our prestigious adult holidays to persons under 24 years of age but how about at the other end of the spectrum?"

Steve Philips presents MedicaDepot.com The Blog- Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm posted at Medicadepot.com The Blog, saying, "Medicadepot.com supplies orthopaedic and cosmetic injectables, such as Botox, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Hyalgan, Orthovisc, Synvisc and more. This is the Medicadepot.com's blog discussing thigns associated with the industry."

Cyndi presents A boat called freedom part 1 | Evolution Ezine posted at Evolution Ezine?Evolution Ezine - Collect your free mind power and self growth gifts, saying, "A beautifully written, inspirational fiction highlighting humankind's current state of consciousness. A piece that makes you think."

Farid Mostamand presents Skin Beauty Blog posted at Skin Beauty Blog, saying, "When most people think of skincare, they think of the products that they are going to use on their face and don�t worry about it further than that. However, anti-aging skincare for your body is also something that needs to be thought about. As the skin all over your body loses elasticity, it can also become wrinkled, show cellulite more visibly, and begin to sag with old age. However, most of these conditions can be slowed or prevented through the implementation of a thorough skincare regimen that includes the body.Take the hands for instance. Hands often show signs of wrinkles and age, which many would prefer to forgo. Anti-aging skincare for your body would certainly include your hands, so a product like Peter Thomas Roth Hands that Lie could be extremely effective in keeping your hands moisturized and looking youthful. There are also a number of products such as body washes and moisturizers that are meant for total body formulation. For example, Pevonia is a company that has created products t full body skin care in mind. The Pevonia Preserve Body Moisturizer is excellent for fighting off dry skin, which can occur frequently at the elbows or on the feet, and they also have an excellent body wash, the Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub which contains natural ingredients to help with exfoliation.Anti-aging skincare for your body may be something that most people forget about but, if you truly wish to stay as youthful looking as you can, then you should remember that only a very small amount of your skin is on your face and the rest is distributed throughout the rest of your body and should not be forgotten about or neglected."

Nancy Miller presents Learn to Look Baby Beautiful – Pregnancy Feel-Good Tips posted at Ultrasound Technician Schools.

axel presents Jet-Like Motivation posted at axel g.

C Merrick presents Gel Ant Farm - A Space Age Habitat For Ants posted at Gel Ant Farms.

Expat presents Things You Must Do While You Travel In Germany posted at A Germany Trip, saying, "Top tourist destinations in Germany."

oshkhar tiglao presents Pool Enclosures – What Exactly Is It? « Pool Enclosures posted at Pool Enclosures.

Wayne Cross presents My First Scuba Diving Vacation posted at First Scuba Diving Vacation, saying, "Everybody who dives has to have a first diving experience. Mine was about twenty years ago of the Big Island of Hawaii with a group of my friends. None of us were certified. How could we be, since it was our first time? If we had been certified, at least we could have said we had previously dived to the bottom of some community pool back on the mainland."

Wayne Cross presents Do It Yourself Deck Construction posted at How to Build a Deck, saying, "The second problem with having a planter in the middle of a deck is that it completely chopped up the space and made the deck far less useful than it otherwise might have been. A six foot by six foot planter almost in the center of an otherwise flat wood deck that was about 20 feet by 28 feet in overall dimensions was little short of idiotic, but I guess that everything is in the eye of the beholder."

Victor Schultz presents St. Peters Square and Plaza | St. Peters Square, Vatican City posted at St. Peters Square, Vatican City, saying, "I had the great pleasure on touring the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel. I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what you might see, if you were to visit the Holy See in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Obviously, any tour of the Vatican is best in person. If you cannot go there, then a tour with pictures is perhaps the second best approach to seeing the Vatican and all the beauty and splendor that it has to offer."

Jan Hendricks presents History of Cooking | Cooking History | History of Cooking posted at History of Cooking, saying, "The art of cooking is a late addition to the list of the fine arts. Originally cooking was a purely industrial and useful art, and early humans were born a roasters and great eaters."

Jeonard Cook presents Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service - Is There a Free Service That Will Actually Work? posted at How to Find Phone Number.

Michael presents DEPRESSION AND VIAGRA ? posted at Eurodrugmart.com Blog, saying, "Discussing the medical industry and reviewing pharmaceuticals."

Scott presents Mini Crib Bedding | Baby Cribs and Baby Room Decor posted at Mini Crib Bedding, saying, "Mini cribs are the latest craze in baby bedding. The small portable cribs are perfect for first time parents and parents that are on the go. Most mini cribs are small enough to fit in any room are beside mom and dad's bed so they can keep and eye on there new born."

Pregnancy Hut presents Bringing Home Baby - Preparing for Your First Few Days as a New Mom posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, "When you are expecting, you will likely spend so much time preparing for your delivery that you forget to plan for the first few days at home."

Harold Fordham presents The Mentality Needed to Get Women posted at How To Get With A Stripper, saying, "One thing that most average men need to do to increase their success with women is to change their mentality about attracting women."

Cory presents Fat is Overrated posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Dieters often focus too much on fat instead of limiting overall calories, especially carbs."

Talk Prom Dresses presents Celebrity Dresses - Fashion Forecast 2009 posted at Prom Dresses, saying, "As we have all seen, the fashion trends this year are all over the place."

Matt K presents How to Find the Best International Air Fare Deals posted at Flight Attendant, saying, "Some tips to save money when flying international."

Matt K presents Financing A Used Car Purchase posted at Car Loan Tips, saying, "Some tips to save money when flying international."

Michael presents Negotiating with Car Salespeople ?How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car posted at Vital Motion, saying, "The thought of negotiating with car salespeople is enough to make some people dread buying a new car."

The Understudy Fashionista presents Alexander McQueen posted at The Understudy Fashionista - fashion from the wings, saying, "The Understudy Fashionista - fashion from the wings. Picks from Paris Fashion Week. Vive la diff�rence!"

Party Poker King presents Short Stacking Strategy posted at Low Stakes No-Limit, saying, "Short stacking refers to buying in at a poker table for the table minimum in hopes of doubling up and then leaving."

Den Levin presents Causes of Anxiety posted at Battle Anxiety, saying, "There are multiple common causes of anxiety."

Arnel presents The Importance of Getting Acne treatment posted at Your Skin Care Blog, saying, "Acne is a skin condition that commonly occurs when the individual hits puberty. Acne treatment for this skin condition may be varied depending on the intensity of the case. Acne is manifested when the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum thus resulting to greasy skin which will then catch more dirt and shed skin. The dirt and shed skin which accumulates in the pores will block these and result to inflamed pores."

Ed Biado presents The hi-fi traveler posted at Ed Biado at MST Life | Philippine Lifestyle News.

Ella Moss presents VENUS RETROGRADE « Zodiac Times posted at Zodiac Times, saying, "Venus goes retrograde, and so do our lives"

Farid presents Why I'm Piling Into Silver posted at Gold Investing Info, saying, "Caring For Your Mouth with A Recommended Lip TreatmentOur lips are a telltale feature of our age, health, and life. For such a prominent facial feature, our lips are often the most neglected part of our face, even though they need the most care. The skin on our lips only contain three to five cellular layers, which makes it much thinner than facial skin"

Farid presents Lip Treatment, Anti-Aging skin Care Products, Colorscience posted at Gold Investing, saying, "Caring For Your Mouth with A Recommended Lip TreatmentOur lips are a telltale feature of our age, health, and life. For such a prominent facial feature, our lips are often the most neglected part of our face, even though they need the most care. The skin on our lips only contain three to five cellular layers, which makes it much thinner than facial skin"

Farid presents Acne Treatment Products posted at Acne treatment, saying, "Many teens suffer from unsightly blemishes as their hormones fluctuate during puberty, and there is an acne treatment for every teen's skincare needs."

Silver Investor presents Why I'm Piling Into Silver posted at Gold Investing Info, saying, "Given the prospects of stagflation, buying silver is looking like a good investment option."

Pregnancy Hut presents How to Exercise Safely During Your Pregnancy posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, "Some ideas for exercising safely during pregnancy."

Vicky presents Red is the New White - Choosing a Wedding Dress Color posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "A new trend in choosing wedding dress colors."

Talk Prom Dresses presents Which Prom Dress Color Is Best For You? posted at Prom Dresses, saying, "Best colors for prom dresses in 2009."

Kevin presents Potty Training Your Puppy posted at Dog Breeds, saying, "Some ideas for potty training your puppy"

Gary R. presents Racing An Airstream posted at Camping Tips, saying, "After the post I made a couple days ago on motorhome racing, I wondered if there��s anybody out there crazy enough to race an Airstream."

Woman Divorce Support presents Divorce Advice for Women: Help with Support and Recovery at Woman Divorce Support posted at Divorce Advice, saying, "Help for divorcees."

Sarah presents Is Your Lawn Prepared for Winter? | Winter Lawn Care - Lawn Care Tips posted at Lawn Care Tips, saying, "Make sure your lawn is well prepared for winter"

nickel presents How to Save Money on Groceries - 45 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Ken presents A Closer Look At Internet Infidelity posted at Cheating Detective, saying, "Internet infidelity can be prevented."

Ruth presents How to Buy Hiking Boots posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Good hiking boots are generally expensive, but worth the cost when comparing them to cheaper boots."

Raising Whiskers presents Cat Health Problems - Cat Health Issues - Common Health Problems Cats Face posted at Cat Care Tips, saying, "Learn about some common cat health problems and some simple ways to deal with them."

Patrick Smith presents Understanding Job Benefits posted at Real World Advice, saying, "If you are fortunate enough to get a job offer, do not discount the benefits involved, such as health insurance."

Party Poker King presents Bankroll Management Tips posted at Low Stakes No-Limit, saying, "Players serious about low stakes poker games ideally hope to build a bankroll in order to move up to the mid- to high-stakes levels."

Farid presents Skin Care Assortments & Kits-Large Selection posted at Acne treatment, saying, "When an individual is in search of an addition to his or her daily beauty regimen, there are many assortments and kits that pack the drugstore shelves."

Jenny Jen presents Yoshiblade posted at JennyReviews.com, saying, "I got an expensive kitchen knife a while back, and I love it, but now it��s getting pretty old and sharpening it is just a pain. That��s why I decided to get the Yoshiblade ceramic knife, no sharpening needed!"

Jay Green presents Remote Computer Maintenance: RCM posted at Remote Computer Maintenance, saying, "Save Money"

Beast presents WoW Head Enchantments posted at themusings.net, saying, "This is a nice, streamlined, interactive list of all the head enchants currently available in WoW. More lists on the way soon."

Jenny Jen presents Designer Snuggie posted at JennyReviews.com, saying, "I love my Snuggie, I wore it every day during the winter and spilled all kinds of food on the poor blanket with sleeves, but just when my old Snuggie started looking stained and faded, another Snuggie came out!"

Mesquite Pete presents Some Effective Mosquito Control Products posted at Mosquito Help, saying, "Some products to rid your place of mosquitoes."

Nicholas Powiull presents How to Access the Other 90% of the Brains Potential posted at Conscious Flex, saying, "The mind is part of the brain was developed shortly after language was discovered (brain and mind are just concepts I am using, in order to simplify the context in this article). The mind has a four fold process to it:"

Andrew Amelinckx presents In defense of architectural kitsch or Why we should preserve giant sized Americana posted at Look Read Listen, saying, "This a paean to America's giant-sized roadside attractions."

nickel presents Money Tips from Twitterville posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Credit Card Addict presents Reduced Credit Card Limits Hurting Credit Scores posted at CreditAddict.

Money Tipper presents Monitor Bank Safety Online posted at Money Tipper.

Ashley Cook presents Choosing a Civil Wedding Officiant posted at Frugal Girl, saying, "Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone wants a large church wedding"

Lana Kravtsova presents Starting a Business Online? Learn What Mistakes You Need to Avoid. posted at Dream Followers.

Lana Kravtsova presents How to Be Happy Now or Practicing the Power of Now posted at Dream Followers.

CBCreations presents Why ladies go to the bathroom in pairs posted at Measure of All Things, saying, "An attempt to pry the answer from the mystery as why ladies ALWAYS go to the bathroom in pairs."

Joe E presents Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Tips posted at Promote Health, saying, "Increasing your metabolism is an essential part of any weight loss regiment, and these are 10 easy ways to fire-up that fat-burning engine inside!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of muse on everything down here using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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HEROBITS said...

What a cool game. I bet my friends would love to play it. By the way, did you know that there's an upcoming game card to be released on June 2009? It's like playing like a superhero. I'm pretty sure you gonna enjoy it.

bytefulcom said...

Thanks for including an article from Byteful.com in your carnival! Lot of articles here. I hope people enjoy them.

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A very wonderful post! Really nice

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