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22 April 2009

Wedding Photography Tips! Take Best Wedding Photos.

You are a photographer looking for some tips on the art of shooting brilliant wedding photographs. Wedding is a joyous occasion, which the couple and their people would love to cherish for the years to come and photograph will be the medium to capture those moments for them. You, as a photographer, have got no comfort to screw up the snaps, I am sure. There is no second chance in a wedding photography. Here are few tips to help you be safe in the field of wedding photography.


Planning is everything for the best photo shoot. Create a list of events that are going to take place through the ceremony and prepare a list of people you would like to concentrate upon during each of them.


Always use the camera that you have worked with for some time. Avoid using a brand new camera for the first time in a wedding. Over-confidence in your skills tends to hurt. Take effort to learn how to handle the new camera and practice very well before the wedding day. Get accustomed with it features, and the camera will do the rest for you resulting in wonderful wedding snaps.
Wedding Photography Tips! Take Best Wedding Photos.


Ensure that you have a second camera and second flash. It will catastrophic if either fail. In addition, make sure you have replacement batteries for both your camera and the flash unit. Get all the critical camera configuration setup the day before, avoid meddling with the settings on the D-day. However, you sure can make few tiny tweaks to suite the weather condition on that day. Know and identify all the aspects of your equipment, test them at least once, and seal them. Make no more modification on the day except few that are non-critical.


Be little bit creative in shooting the snaps. Everybody wants their face on the photo. A shot from a long distance is not recommended. What is the use of having no identifiable face on the photo, unless you are shooting to cover the ceremony? Always make a choice of small groups of people in the crowd and concentrate on them before moving on to the other groups. Try not to lose details by shooting the snap from a distance.


Avoid keeping the subject of the photo-shoot right in the middle of the photo. The photos with the subject stuck to the middle are not impressive. Keep the subject to a side with the background showing on the other side to get a feel of the environment, neverthless not too much to the side, This way you will have an appreciable great snap.

6.Subjects to pose

While shooting a group of people, take time to make them pose properly. Talk to them, tell them what they need to do to get in a good pose. If you are not satisfied, then walk up to them and move them physically. But, be aware, few people don’t feel comfortable when moved physically, so ask and take permission from them before moving them around. Ensure the same while you shoot someone’s portrait too. An improper pose held by the subject could take the juice out of even the best photograph.


While shooting make sure that the lighting that you have applied on the subject has positive effect. Lighting should enhance the good feature of the subject, meanwhile keeping the negatives hidden. If you are shooting outside in open then take care to check the impact of the natural light on the subject. Check for unwanted shadows and avoid them.

8.Subjects relax.

Talk, crack jokes and get the subject to relax for the most natural photographs. Avoid doing it too much, so as not to lose the purpose of the snap.


If you feel that the background doesn’t go well with the subject then blur the background out. Also do check for any litter in the background. Even a tiny bit of paper appearing on the snap will screw it up.


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