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06 May 2009

Over 30 Age Late Pregnancy Tips! pregnancy risks!

Over 30 Age Late Pregnancy Tips! pregnancy risks!

For some reason, social, career, or whatever it might be, you postponed having a baby until late 30s. You are planning for one now and would like to know how you can safely have a baby at this age. Yes, the positive conditions to get pregnant goes down as you age. There are many pregnancy risks after 30 years of age. There will be diverse problems starting from getting pregnant in the first case to the capacity to sustain the pregnancy and have a successful delivery. The experts indicate that the quality of the ovum goes down as the age increases. However, don’t lose heart; by preparing yourself for the pregnancy by following few healthy habits ensures a safe and successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Here are few tips on preparing yourself for a late pregnancy and avoid various pregnancy risks due to age.

1. Workout.

Exercise regularly and try to keep your body weight under control. In case you are heavier, then try to reduce your weight by working out. Avoid dieting to bring down the weight as it results in more problems that you actually started with. Contrastingly, in case you are lean try to put on some ideal weight. Don’t over do it fattening or you will be in more trouble than before. Consult your doctor to obtain an idea on your ideal weight for pregnancy. This weight control regimen applies both to you and your husband alike.

2. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy and well balanced meal. Stay away from junk food. Ensure that you and your partner consume enough vegetables, fruits and protein rich food over the usual ones. Check that you get enough calcium and vitamins naturally via food.

3. Give up Cigarettes and Alcohol.

Kick these habits for good if your choice is a healthy baby. Smoking and drinking excessively before or during pregnancy could create deformities in your baby's body. Quit these habits well before the planned pregnancy dates.

4. Supplement your Vitamin and Mineral needs.

Consume, after taking doctor's advice, diet replacement tablets to ensure that you have spectrum of vital minerals and vitamins. Particularly see to that the tablets contain Zinc and Folic acid as they play an integral part in foetus formation.

5. Stop self Medication.

Avoid taking over the counter drugs like Aspirin as they might be detrimental to pregnancy. They usually disturb your ovulation cycle. Consult your doctor first even if it a known drug that you plan to intake.

6. Have Timely Sex.

Unconditionally, have sex on days between 12th and 16th day after your periods, as these are the most fertile days and the probability of a successful conception is high. Have sex only once per day to maintain your husbands sperm count at the virile level.

7. Beware of some food.

Avoid Caffeine as it might affect the baby. Give up fish as it contains excess mercury and might affect the baby. Take advice from your doctor on food that you may need to avoid to have a healthy baby.

8. Consult a gynaecologist.

In case you have problems conceiving then approach a gynaecological expert, who will prescribe medicine to enhance fertility,suggest methods or in extreme cases recommend corrective surgery.

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