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25 May 2009

Herbal Garden Pest, Insects, flies Natural Repellent Garden. Tips!

Do you know you can control flies and pests that invade your house by having few herbs in your garden surrounding it? It’s a wonderful and natural way to prevent pests, flies, insects from entering your house. You have two advantages this way, one- you own a beautiful garden and two- you have no insects, flies or pests entering your house. Here in this article I have compiled few tips for getting started on building an herbal garden to avoid pests and insects.

A. Chemical Herbs.

While making choice of herbs for your backyard garden, make it a point that you select those that contain phenols, naphthalene, citronella, and pyrethrum. These chemicals in the herbs are the ones that repel flies and pests, and I am pretty sure that you would have seen these terms printed on any of the commercial pest control products sold in the market.

B. Choose your Herbs.

There are 100 of herbs that you can choose from for your pest control garden, however start with familiar ones first as they are easy to set-up. Find a list below to begin with.

1. Wormwood.

This is a very common herb that any garden could have. It’s silver in color and appears bushy.

It is known to repel effectively flies, slugs, moths and intestinal worms.

2. Rue.

This is once again a very common herb. It’s bushy with tiny yellow flowers growing in bunches.

It is known to control Japanese beetles in addition to controlling fleas. It is also known to keep cats at bay. The herb emanates a smell that cats don't like. This herb sure is not for a cat lover. :-)

3. Feverfew.

Wonderful herb that can be grown around the doorways as it occupies little space.

It is known to repel moths, ants, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies. It is a powerful herbal insect repellent.

4. Lavender.

Besides being beautiful, lavender has powerful insect repellent properties. You can can fill dried lavender in cloth sachets and hang them around your house to prevent pests and insects.

It is known to prevent flies, fleas and silverfish.

5. Mint.

A simple herb found in most of the home gardens, great repellent, however overlooked. Mint is found to be powerful pest, insect repellent.

It is known to stop flies, fleas, rats and ticks. In addition it even repels ticks and chiggers.

6. Thyme.

Once again a simple herb found in most of the home gardens. Check the picture below to see how it looks.

Repels insects, pests. It has also got properties to prevent odours. Put them around the house in permeable sachets.

7. Lemongrass.

Lemongrass is supposed to contain citronella, a powerful repellent.

Repels mosquitoes effectively.

8. Basil.

Basil is deep green and so nice to look at. Takes less space so that you can plant many of them around the house.

Repels mosquitoes and flies effectively.

9. Sage.

A simple non-invasive bush that has got powerful repellent properties

Prevents range of insects. Put dried bundles in the house in the doorway. Bonus: They say it clears ghosts too!

C. Pest-repellent Garden Design.

Design your herbal garden in a way it is attractive, yet is easy to maintain. You either plan for complete herbal garden or have herbs dotted around your usual ornamental garden. It depends on your likings. If you prefer not to plant them around in the garden, you sure can have them potted to have better control on them.

D. Herbs Usage.

There is en number of ways to use these herbs in your home. Basically,

• Pick them and use them in sachets around the house in drawers, wardrobes, etc.
• You can also hang them beside the curtains around the house including the kitchen.
• You can also keep them potted around the house.
• Grind them and make water sprays and spray them around the house.

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