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03 March 2009

How Create and Make a Garden! Tips to build your own garden!

The Barbers' Garden: Pansies

You have decided to build your own backyard garden… That’s great! Welcome to Backyard Gardening! You already would be aware of the benefits of having a garden. Apart from the fruits and vegetables it provides, it also let’s us relax, and enjoy in it’s midst. Building a garden is easy, however could be disastrous if you do not build it right. You graden could be more a pain than pleasure if you make a mistake in initial planning. Maintaining an ill-built garden is not for us. Here are few tips and details on how you can go about constructing your own beautiful, enviable garden that could let you enjoy it more peacefully.

Basic of any garden cultivation is choosing right plant and right place. There are many type of garden that you can build, like Rain garden, general purpose garden, vegetable garden etc, however the basic technique is same for all the types.

You start with a plan to build a climate smart garden. Plan taking into consideration the Sun, shade, soil, and drainage features that you would want in your garden.Then match the right plants for the planned garden environment. This ensures that your plants thrive naturally year long with little effort from you without excessive watering and chemical spraying.

Start by determining whether you have predominantly Sun or shade through the day. These conditions do vary through the day and year depending on the season and weather conditions. Based on this, you can decide the kind of plants for your garden

Know your soil type. If it's a sandy loose soil, it tends to dry fast and drain quickly. If it’s a clayey soil, it tends to be wet all through can get water logged. The best soil for garden is when it’s Loamy, which tends to hold moisture, drain excess water, and retain nutrients and mineral. You sure cannot change the soil composition of the proposed site for the garden, but you sure can make a choice of plants that go with it.

Check your soils draining capacity. You can do this by digging a hole 7 inches wide and 1 foot deep and then filling it with water. After the water drains out, you refill the hole and clock the time it takes for the water to drain. If the water drains in 3 hours or less you have sandy soil. If the water is standing even after 8 hours then you have a clayey soil. You need to choose plants that don’t require good drainage. Finally, if the water drains with 4 to 6 hours then you are lucky that you have loamy soil. You now have wide variety of plants to consider.

Consult a plant expert to identify the suitable plants. Go for native plants that are from the area that you are from. Take ideas from the neighbourhood gardens.

Water you plants alternate days in the beginning until they take roots. Vary the amount of water based on the plant variety.

Clean the weeds once in two weeks until the plants establish themselves.

Use natural organic fertilizers to enrich your garden soil.

In spring, mow and remove dead vegetation.

Place rocks, a bench, bird house in the garden. Be creative in designing you own backyard landscape.

Plant plenty of sedges and grass to beautify the garden

Mix edible and non-edible plant varieties for more fun.

Pay attention to the spacing between plants.

Choose perennials over the annuals for your flowerbeds. However, you may get bored soon with the same environment. If you are the one preferring change then, I recommend annuals.

Try to use the waste from your kitchen as fertilizer for your garden. Make some study on how you make the most of your household organic waste in your garden.

Invest in good gardening tools as they make your task easy.

Group similar plants by the type of care they require. This saves valuable time.

There are many more tips on gardening. Plan to bring it later. For now, assimilate the above tips, make more study, and start working on setting up your garden.

Image by AnneTanne via Flickr


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