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24 March 2009

What to say on Voicemail? Voice Message Basics!

Be it business, be it personal, these days the first impression that you make is most often via a voicemail. An impressive voice mail could play vital role in whether you are successful in your intention. Knowing few voicemail strategies or voicemail basics can equip you with that cutting edge to hook any business dealing.

Here are few tips on how to make an impression when recording a voicemail:

1. Practice:

Before you make the recording, talk for a minute or so to tune your voice. Have a glass of water to prepare your throat. A dry throat can be highly croaky and wouldn’t sound professional on the tape. As you record, have a smile on your face and use a mirror to monitor your expression as you speak. Though this sounds comical, it is an effective way to get the recording right.

2. Review:

Make an open assessment of the recording you made. Maybe you can ask one of your friends to comment on the recording. Simply, ask yourself this question to assess the recorded voice, “Does this sound like someone I want to do business with”. This will ensure the effectiveness of the recording.

3. Be Different:

Record a greeting that stands out. An example is, “You have reached the office of Mr. X, who can make your dream a reality”. Having a greeting that is unique will get the caller interested.

Here are few tips on how to make an impression when leaving a message:

1. Keep it simple:

Keep it simple, brief and business like. It could be “Good Morning, Mr. Y. This is XName from XCompany” followed by a tiny message that is not more than 20 Seconds. Avoid long messages, else you will get cut off.

2. Pause right:

Take unnoticeable pauses at key points in the message to apply weighting to the important parts. Pause could follow your introduction, before and after providing your phone number, and just before the sign-off. Talk slow and easy. Speaking fast makes you seem nervous.

3. Great Sign-off:

Avoid slangy sign-off like “see you later, nameX”. Signoff more elegantly like “I look forward to hearing from you, nameX’.

Use these voice-message or voicemail strategies to make it count.


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