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25 March 2009

How to quit smoking cigarettes? Best way to quit smoking!

Statistics indicate that 10 men die every hour from tobacco related diseases around the world. However, there seems to be no slowdown in the production of cigarettes. The tobaccos industries have started advertising their products with more enthusiasm than ever before. The ads are so attractive that it draws the youth into smoking.

Any number of attempts to give up smoking fails, isn't it? You are desperate to kick this unhealthy habit, I am sure. There are various methods like hypnosis, injections, natural methods, and supplements to aid quitting smoking tobacco. But, the credibility of these methods is questionable. Remember, you can quit just by seer power of your will and that is the ultimate reality. Make few changes in your lifestyle and habits to kick the smoking away effectively!

Here is a tip sheet to get you started on the journey back to health.

1. If you believe that cigarette is helping you relax, attempt eating new food, or drink new beverages, or opt for some social activity as a replacement for smoking.

Unlit filtered cigarettes

2. If you trust that cigarette provides energy to you, try a bubble gum, light exercise, a walk or a new hobby.

3. Make a list of luxuries you would want to buy for your home, or your girl friend. Write down the cost beside each item and then covert it to the cost of packs of cigarette. If you can quit smoking, just imagine how much you can save to buy those things.

4. Start a “Quit Smoking” bank account in a bank and start investing the cost of the cigarettes there.

5. Stop from smoking a cigarette immediately after you get the craving. Make it a point to wait for at least for 3 minutes after the urge sets in. During that 3 minutes engage in different activity.

6. Avoid stocking packs of cigarette. Wait for one pack to finish before buying a new one.

7. Avoid having matches or lighter with you to prevent getting reminded of the cigarette.

8. Throw your ash tray or use it as decorative item at place to prevent yourself from using it.

9. Attempt to say “I wouldn’t smoke now” to maintain your resolution even if you have a cigarette accidentally.

10. Try helping another smoker to quit smoking.

11. Always put a question to your mind. Ask “Do I need a cigarette now or is it just the habit that is driving me to have one now?”

12. Everyday refrain from taking the first cigarrete in the beginning of the day.

13. Brush you teeth frequently to avoid the smell that reminds you of cigarettes.

14. If you are struck by sudden need for a smoke, take 9 deep breaths and hold the tenth one. Meanwhile, light a match and blow it out with the breath that you held. Immediately immerse in some other activity following that.

15. Make a habit to smoke only half of the cigarette. Throw away the other half.

16. Embark on yoga practice to improve the lungs. Go for a short walk after food to stop the craving for a smoke.

17. Jump out of your old habits and find new activities that are interesting and yet moderate.

All the best for healthy you!


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