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19 March 2009

Tips Pet Photography shoot! Basics of Pet Photography!

hooting a pet photograph is as hard as shooting a kid. However, equipped with few professional tips, you can shoot wonderful pet snaps, be it dogs, cat or any other. Taking a photo of any pet requires immense patience and energy. Nevertheless, it is worth it when finally you have a beautiful pet photograph. Here are few tips for you to help you shoot wonderful snaps of your pet.

1. Suitable location

Location is everything as far as pet photography is concerned. If you can get this right, everything else falls in. Choose a place that matches your pet’s character. In case your pet is an energetic one, then go in for an environment like parks where your pet can run around while you shoot it. Otherwise, if your pet is a sloppy kind then photograph it in and around your home while it's engrossed in it’s favourite activity.

2. Background.

While shooting a portrait ensure that the background doesn’t contrast your pet’s fur color. Blur the background, meanwhile giving importance to the face by using wide aperture.

3. Focus on the Eyes.

Try to concentrate on the nose and eyes while focusing. Ensure that rest of the body is blurred to have a great photograph.

4. Shoot when Busy.

Always snap when your dog is busy doing it’s favorite activity. If your cat loves rolling over, then shoot with burst mode to capture the act. If your dog loves chasing the ball then shoot with slow shutter speed to produce blurs. I am sure you will have a natural, adorable pet photo.

5. Shoot with the Owner.

If your pet is restless it's a pain to make it pose. Ask someone close to the pet to hold it while you shoot. Focus more on the pet this time, it's the pet photo that you are shooting, remember.

6. Level it right.

Avoid shooting photographs focusing the pet from high up. Always try to shoot at your pet’s eye level for more realistic pet snap.

7. Uniquely focus.

Concentrate your lens on a feature that is unique to your pet. It could be a mark on the face, a different color on it's face, large eyes or anything.

8. Light Naturally.

Natural light is the best for pet photos. Natural light highlights your pet’s fur and its color. However, in case you insist on using lighting, set-up back-lighting for pets with heavy fur and vice versa for the pets with light fur. Keep most of your shooting schedule early in the morning before Sun rise as it tends to dot warmer tones to the photo.

9. Drop flash.

Avoid using flash to shoot to prevent red/green eyes. If at all you need to use flash, then use it with reduced intensity. Heavy flash can scare your pet besides screwing up the snap.

10. Right Expose.

In case your pet has dark fur color, then underexpose to compensate and vise versa applies to a light colored fur.

11. Uncluttered Background.

Always keep the background uncluttered for superb pet snap. Go for contrasting backdrops. Place your pet against well lit backdrop to capture a perfect snap. If you plan to shoot in a crowded area then use a wide aperture to make you pet stand out.

These are simple tips that you can keep in mind while shooting a photo of your pet.


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