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02 June 2009

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50 and Aged Woman!

Old age catches all! None can evade it. The youthful skin vanishes, wrinkled skin sets in and the reality dawns. Women at this point give up most of the cultivated beauty habits and start living a secluded, lonely life as if everything is over and there is no more juice in life. However, is it not elegant to carry yourself forward with good makeup, food and exercise? In your opinion, should you try to look your best for the age or give up and sulk? I am pretty sure you would choose the former.

By following a well balanced life that includes makeup, you can start looking younger for your age. There are other ways like face-lifts, cosmetic surgeries, which in the first case might not be affordable for many, and in the second, could result in some negative reactions. It is best if we don’t incline towards these. Alternatively, rather attempt to improve your looks by working-out, in-taking healthy food, following a good skin care regimen, and concealing few visible signs of age via make-up.

Here in this article I provide few makeup tips that are sure to bring the lost confidence back to you.

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are first visible signs of aging. The best way to conceal wrinkles is to apply a primer over which a foundation is applied. The primer is a must as it smoothens out the skin for applying further make-up. This results in less uneven make-up smudges. Primer contains silicone that lets the makeup glide over the wrinkles smoothly.

Over the primer you can continue applying the foundation. Opt for a foundation that suites your skin tone. I recommend liquid foundation for the older women as it would be easy to apply and additionally it moisturize the skin too. The powder foundations tend to crack-up, thereby enhancing the wrinkles contrastingly.
Old lady Makeup Makeup Tips for Old women

2. Lifeless Skin

Here is a method to induce life into a dull lifeless skin. Apply cream blusher on the cheek apples in a upward movement. Find a blush that blends into you skin. Blush is supposed to give your skin a beautiful tint, however avoid over doing it as it might make your skin look unnatural.

3. Elderly Lips

Another area of your face on which age plays havoc is the lips. To conceal the lines traversing to and from your lips you need to apply a moisturizing lip balm followed by a lip stick. Avoid Vaseline as it has tendency to burn you lips if you go out in the Sun. Remember, Vaseline is not a moisturizer that you can wear during the day.

4. Puffiness of the Eyes

Once again, this is age’s play ground. The area around you eyes tends to swell and develop dark circles as they are most sensitive part of your body. Make it a habit to apply eye-cream around you eyes before retiring to bed as it visibly reduces puffiness around your eyes. As a result, you will have beautiful sparkling eyes.

5. Prominent double chin

As we age the double chin becomes prominent and the only way to conceal it is by applying powder that is little darker than you skin tone to the double chin. It creates an illusion, shadowing your double chin.

6. Dark circles & Age spots

A simple concealer that is little bit darker than the foundation will do the trick for you. Go get one good concealer available in the market.

7. Little or No Eyebrows

No issues here too. Use an eye-shadow and the brush to draw the eye brow. Eyebrow pencil will also serve the purpose. Use mascara to conceal the grey eyebrow hairs.

These are simple tips to get you started on having a great beautiful old age!

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