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07 July 2008

Skin Care Tips For Women Over 50


Skin Care Tips For Women Over 50. There is no reason why women over 50 can't look just as beautiful as they did twenty years ago. Aging is inevitable, it happens to everyone, but with good skin care you can slow down your aging process and defy your age. Ageless beauty is about taking good care of yourself and there are many ways you can have beautiful skin, ward off wrinkles and keep your skin soft and supple.

Sensual Milk Bath

Create a skin rejuvenating spa at home with a sensual milk bath. Take one cup of powdered whole milk and add one tablespoon of grape seed oil, mix well and add to your running bath water.When your bath water is ready, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Whole milk contains lactic acid and this will help to remove any dead skin cells, the grape seed oil contains powerful antioxidants to feed your skin and the essential oils will help to create a beautiful fragrance that will lift your mood.

Grapefruit to Soften Your Elbows

To help keep your elbows soft and supple, exfoliate away the dry skin while having your bath. After your bath, take one fresh grapefruit and cut it in half. Place one half under each elbow and stay in this position for at least fifteen minutes. Allowing your elbows to soak like this will soften the skin and help to lighten any dark areas at the same time.

Lemon Detox

Begin each day with a refreshing home made lemon drink. This lemon drink is quick and easy to prepare and works as an effective body detox. Squeeze the juice from one lemon (or lime) into a mug and add hot water. Drink it slowly. If you do this everyday it will help to flush out all the impurities and toxins that have accumulated in your body and greatly benefit your skin.

Boost Collagen with Blueberries

Blueberries are excellent collagen promoters for women over 50 because they are packed with vitamin C. Boosting your collagen levels is an important part of skin care because will help to protect your skin against wrinkling and help to preserve your youthful looks. Try to include at least ½ cup of fresh blueberries in your diet 2 or 3 times a week and you will soon notice a marked difference in the condition of your skin.

Give Your Hands a Facial

Applying a facial mask to the back of your hands once a month will leave them smooth and wrinkle free. Leave the mask on for at least 10 - 15 minutes. Hands are often neglected by women over 50 and they are one of the main places that can reveal your real age.

Moist Kissable Lips

Don't forget your lips, they need skin care too. If you breathe through your mouth while you sleep or if your bedroom gets warm your lips are likely to dry out and become cracked or dry and rough. To keep your lips soft, kissable and line free try nourishing them at night before you go to sleep. That way, when you wake your lips will feel wonderfully moisturized and soft. Either use a Vitamin E based lip balm or just plain and simple Vaseline.

Women over 50 need to pay special attention to their skin care regime because as you age your body does not replace the old skin cells as quickly as it did when you were in your twenties. It is impossible to stop skin aging completely, but with the proper care you can preserve your youthful looks for many years to come.

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