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10 July 2008

Breastfeeding Nursing Bras Types!

Breastfeeding Bras - The Five Basic Types of Breastfeeding Bras. Just like regular bras, breastfeeding bras come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. However, there are really five basic types of breastfeeding bras to choose from.You will want to carefully consider each type before you purchase your breastfeeding bra. The main thing to take into consideration when making your decision is what bra will provide the most ease in breastfeeding your baby.

Bra 1:

The most popular and most widely used breastfeeding bra is one that fastens with a plastic closure or snap on the upper shoulder strap of the bra. At feeding time, you simply unclasp the closure and fold the cup down to expose the breast. This breastfeeding bra is especially easy for the mother to use.

Bra 2:

The second type of breastfeeding bra is much like a front closure bra. This bra fastens between the breasts and does not provide much coverage once you have unfastened the bra for feeding. This breastfeeding bra is probably the most indiscreet bra you could choose.

Breastfeeding an infantImage via Wikipedia

Bra 3:

The third type of breastfeeding bra is one that is made from stretchy material, much like a sports bra. To use this bra, you simply pull the cup up over the breast for exposure. This breastfeeding bra is not very discreet.

Bra 4:

The zipper breastfeeding bra is another bra for you to consider. This bra has zippers that surround each cup. You unzip the desired cup at feeding time. The zippers rest under each cup. This breastfeeding bra allows the mother to be more discreet at feeding. The disadvantages of this breastfeeding bra include the zippers showing through clothing and accidentally zipping up breast tissue.

Bra 5:

The last breastfeeding bra to consider is the nighttime bra. These bras are usually made from lighter material which allows for more comfortable sleeping. The nighttime breastfeeding bra sometimes comes with a criss-cross front designed to let you expose the breast for feeding. For obvious reasons, you won't mind the discreetness of this particular bra.

Breastfeeding bras aren't mandatory for the breastfeeding mother. However, if you can afford a few of them you will most likely find that the ease of use and the discreetness that they provide are well worth your money.

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