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14 July 2008

How to Calculate Mortgage Payments?

How To Calculate Mortgage Payments For Beginner. Living in an apartment is good idea while you are still single. Once you reached a mature age where you need to settle down and start a new family, you are unable to continue living in the apartment. You need a larger space where you can spend time with your spouse and children. Purchasing a house is good solution. Saving up for the certain amount to buy a new house may take years. By that time, the house could have been grabbed by someone else. So the good solution is getting a mortgage. By using this method, you can get a new house for this time and pay it in between 10 – 30 years.

Deciding to acquire a house on the mortgage, you need to study several details before you buy the house. There are various kinds of mortgages, interest rates level, repayment plan and timeframes for paying off the liability. By using these, you can find out your repayment capacity. To find out the amount, you need a mortgage calculator.

The tool helps you to find the amount you have to pay monthly for the entire term of the loan. With this tool, you will be able to decide if you can afford the mortgage for the years or not.Then you can make the adjustment by being lower on the mortgage or save more for a higher down payment. A good mortgage calculator doesn’t only calculate the monthly payment but include the term, the downpayment, and the loan interest. And also other factors such as income and expenses. And can adjust new payments for rates change. This calculator type is favored by people.

For an example. Estimate your repayment on the mortgage and lower your monthly payment around from $1,500 to $1,200. The fees, closing costs, and points add up to $9,000. Divide $9,000 by $300 and you will get a break even point is after 30 months. Please be note, there are other factors that have influence to a break even point such as tax.
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There is a formula for the mortgage monthly payment:

Monthly payment = [N (1 + i)n i]/[(1 + i)n - 1]

Here are the amounts that you need:

- N = amount of the loan.

- i = interest rate. Remember, the rate divide the interest rate by twelve months.

- n = the number of payments. Remember, multiply number of years by twelve months.

The mortgage company is offering interest rate 4% on $60,000 for 10 years. So what is the monthly payment amount?

Monthly payment = [$60,000 (1 + (4%/12months))(10 years x 12 months)(4%/12months)]/[(1 + (4%/12months))(10years x 12months) - 1] = $199.66

So the monthly payment amount is around $200

There are many types of online calculators for the mortgage. The mortgage calculators are designed based on various kinds of loans, amounts, interest rates, and terms. To discover how much can be comfortably spent on a house, you need to use a proper calculator. In many cases of comparison are required between renting a house and buying a house on mortgage, you need to use the special calculator.

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