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04 July 2008

Which Shake and Tilt IPhone Clone is Best? A Comparison Based on the Features and Size You Want

Which Shake and Tilt IPhone Clone is Best? A Comparison Based on the Features and Size
ith the iPhone clones becoming so popular, there are now many different models on the market to keep up with consumer demand. The upside to this is that it gives consumers a wide variety of choices so that you can get the exact features you want in your phone.

The down side to this is that keeping up with all of the different models available can get very confusing. This article will attempt to help you decide which iPhone clone is best for you if you're on the search for a shake and tilt model.

If you're reading this article, you probably already know that the shake and tilt feature allows you to advance music, photos and media by only shaking (and not having to scroll through) the phone. Likewise, you can take the phone / picture to wide screen by only tilting.

All of the models listed in this article come standard with the sought after features we've come to expect from the clones like: web browsing, email, texting and messaging, MP3 / MP4, digital camera and webcam, and Bluetooth. Most sell in the $100 - $150 range. All are unlocked so that you can use whichever carrier / network you want.

So which shake and tilt model is best for you? That depends. Do you want a:

Popular Model, With Stylus And Full Screen?

Recently, a few smaller models were introduced to the market and these are very popular. But, some folks just want a full 3.5 inch touch screen on which to watch video. Some people also want a stylus. If this describes you, take a look at the CECT A380i. If a stylus isn't so important and you're just looking for the best selling, full screen models, have a look at the A88 or the HiPhone i32.

A Quad Band Model With The Latest Version Of Java?:

Probably the best selling and most sought after shake and tilt iPhone clone on the market today is the new SciPhone. Consumers took to it immediately. This is because it has the latest version of Java 2.0 which opens up a huge range of productivity and gaming possibilities (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) This one is also quadband which means that it works with most all GSM carriers by only having to insert your sim card.

A Mini Model?

As mentioned earlier, smaller, sleeker shake to the music models are becoming very popular. One very popular example is the LH01 which is sometimes called the "mini HiPhone." This one has an advanced 2.0 mega pixel camera and includes FM radio. This phone is very compact and will fit in a small pocket.

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