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10 July 2008

Increase Traffic To My Blog Site! How To Boost Web Site Traffic

Draw Thousands Of People To Your Web Site - Like Steel Is Drawn To A Magnet!
ere’s something that folks may not be aware of. There are millions of people on-line, but a lot of those people are on-line while they are at their job and they’re listening to the radio shows while they’re working or goofing off.

This is the secret that a lot of people don’t realize - There are millions of people who are on-line that should be working. They’re behind their desk pretending they are working, and they are really on the Internet just surfing around and ripping off their employer. That can be good news for you if you’re on one of these radio talk shows. While they’re supposed to be working, they are surfing your web site and spending some money with you.

What you have to do is make people on the Internet want to keep coming to your web site. We’ve coined this the “money magnet” web site. You need to create a “money magnet” web site - one that’ll draw thousands of people to your web site like steel is drawn to a magnet. And here are just a few ideas to help you do just that, and keep people coming back to your web site!

Start a discussion group on your web site. Become famous within your niche. There are people that are doing this right now. They’ve got web sites, and within their niche, all of the people come to their web site, constantly, to be involved in the discussion group. No reason why you can’t have one, too.

Number two, put on as many links as you can that are related to your web site, or your niche, of people that are selling different things or have different information, they are not competing directly with you. You’ve got as many links as possible on your web site. People come to your web site almost as if it’s a freeway on-ramp.

Most web sites are like dead ends. They go to your web site and it’s a dead end. They can go no further. A “money magnet” web site is a web site people come to so they can go to other places. You have constantly changing links and new places that your customers can go to. They’ll keep coming back to your web site because that will make it so much easier for them to go to different web sites that are of interest to them.

A third idea is an electronic newsletter. You would keep the newsletter in your web site. People could download it if they wanted to, but they had to come to your web site to get it. You’ve got a new newsletter all the time, and you’re constantly changing that. Another idea is to have contests. Maybe you have a contest every month, and you try to make it fun. These ideas give people a compelling reason to come to your site. Most web sites don’t have any compelling reason for people to go to them. By doing these, and other things, you give people a lot of reasons to keep coming back.

Most web sites have zero content. Your “money magnet” web site needs to have a lot of content. Most web sites never change. Somebody goes through it one time, they see what you’ve got, and there’s no reason to go back. Your “money magnet” web site is constantly changing. It’s exciting! People want to come back.

Now, if you ask a hundred different marketing experts what marketing is, they’ll tell you a hundred different things. They can all be right in their explanations.

The way we define marketing is very simple. We’d like for all of our readers just to think this through. It’s two-fold.

One, it’s all the things you do to get a new prospect to do business with you one time.

Two, all the things you do to get that prospect coming back again and again.

Now, electronic marketing is just using a computer, your web site, and the Internet to do those two things. You’re getting new customers to buy from you one time and, then, you’re keeping them coming back again and again. Once you truly understand this principle, it can make you a tremendous amount of money. There is no better way to use that principle than creating this “money magnet” web site that we’ve talked about. It’s going to take a little bit of work for you to do it, but it’s going to be worth it. It’s going to compel new prospects to, first of all, come to your site. For all those links that you’re putting out from your site to other people’s sites, you’re making these people also put a connecting link to your web site. So, you’re getting new people in, plus you’re getting people the information, the products, the services, and the things that they want. You’re establishing value with those people. You’re getting them to come back again and again.

There is a compelling reason to come back. Once they come back a few times, that lets you build a strong bond with your customers. You can use that strong bond and that strong relationship to really get extremely wealthy. This is the potential here. The formula for getting wealthy is real simple: you get enough people to re-buy from you enough times, at a large enough profit per transaction, and you’re going to get rich. It’s that simple! This overall concept can make it happen.

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