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24 July 2008

Signs of a cheating husband. Catch Cheating Husband!

10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse You Should Know.There are many, many signs that people give off when they are cheating in a relationship.Below are ten of the most common signs and easily recognizable signs that you should be on the lookout for if you suspect cheating in your relationship.

Keeping Secrets

When a spouse is cheating they will start keeping secrets from you. Sometimes the secrets may not even seem to be directly related to the affair. They just naturally become secretive and hide things from you.

New Behavior

Any new behavior that seems out of the ordinary is a reason for suspicion. Most people who cheat start to change because they are in a new relationship or they are struggling with keeping their affair a secret.No matter what a cheaters behavior tends to change and it is noticeable.

More or Less Attention

A cheating spouse may start to pay more attention to you to ease their guilt or they will show you less affection so they do not risk looking guilty. Any change in how affectionate your spouse is should be a sign to you something is wrong.

Physical Distance

If your spouse is cheating you will notice a physical distance between you. Perhaps you always hold hands when walking about, but now that is not happening. A cheating spouse tends to distance themselves because their heart is not in it or they feel guilty.

Loss of Connection

You will usually start to feel a loss in that special connection that you had with your spouse. This is a major red flag and one of the more common sings of cheating.

More or Less Sex

Just as with affection, your spouse may show more or less interest in sex. Again, this is to make up for how they are feeling inside.

Odd Phone Calls

Many times a cheater will give out their phone number or their lover will find it and call. If you answer the person will usually hang up or they may pretend it is a wrong number. Any odd phones calls that seem to be a repeat occurrence is a warning sign.

Sneaky Behavior

Cheaters feel guilty all the time.They get sneaky because they often have to be so they can see their lover. Watch for sneaky behavior that can tip you off.

More Time Away from Home

Another common sign of cheating is that your spouse is spending more time away form home. He or she may seem to have a good excuse but when it starts getting excessive and a regular thing you should be wary.

More Fights

Your spouse may pick more fights when he or she is cheating. This is that guilty mind at work. They are trying to give you a reason to push them away. This sign is one of the more damaging and one you have to pay attention to.

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