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04 July 2008

Wrinkles Botox And Negative Effects!

Botox Side Effects - Should You Worry About Them?
otox injections and treatments are gaining popular through mainstream society these days. Women of all ages now use it to prevent lines, wrinkles and to enhance their appearance, and older women use it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that may have already formed.

So, what about the negative side effects of Botox? Are there any? Even though botox has gotten some bad publicity over the years, we rarely hear anything about the negative side effects of Botox.

A Little Botox History

Way back in the 1820s, a German physician by the name of Dr. Justinus Kerner set out to find answers to the deaths of German citizens who had consumed sausage. Through is research he learned that of the many that died most had been overtaken by botulism – food poisoning. OK, so that means that one negative side effect to botox is death, although it is very rare and highly unlikely these days, but you should consult a licensed physician before undergoing any procedure.

Continuing his research, Dr. Kerner also distinguished seven different strains of botulinum toxin, naming them strains A through G. But he found that only four strains – A, B, E, and F – are life threatening to humans.

Mid-Century Development

During the mid 1950s and 60s, two other doctors, Drs. Edward J. Schantz and Vernon Brooks experimented further into botulinum toxin , using controversial animal testing techniques that could not be used today because of their cruelty and inaccurate results. Nevertheless, the two doctors found that botulinum toxin type A, despite its risk to humans, was very effective for treating people with crossed eyes and spastic vocal cords. So, ok, something that could potentially kill us can, in small doses, be helpful in relieving muscle spasms of all kinds.

The Birth of Botox

The Year is 1989, and the FDA approved botulinum toxin type A for treatment of crossed eyes and eye muscle spasms. Through a miracle of marketing genius, the botulism poison that had once killed German sausage eaters was renamed "Botox” and treatments took off like wildfire. Through further experimentation, it was found that Botox also temporarily cured excessive sweating and some symptoms of cerebral palsy. After the botox treatments, patients were monitored closely for any negative side effects of Botox treatments.

A breakthrough in keeping us looking younger was on the horizon. In the 1990s, Dr. Jean Carruthers noticed that many of the patients being treated with Botox were surprisingly wrinkle-free. Using this information, Dr. Carruthers and her husband, a dermatologist, conducted various clinical studies that confirmed the ability of Botox to reduce frown lines and wrinkles on the human face.

Botox Now

Today, Botox is so widely accepted that you can go to a botox party and have your lips injected right on the spot. The fear of negative side effects is almost none existent. So much so that Botox Sales in 2006 exceeded $1 billion. Starting out as a deadly poison killer Botox has quickly transformed itself into a successful cosmetic treatment that helps millions of people look younger everyday.

Botox also remains a staple for non-cosmetic treatments, like reducing muscle spasms in cerebral palsy patients, uncrossing eyes, and relieving patients of embarrassing facial twitches and spasms. Botox treatments are not permanent and must be repeated every three to six months. Most patients are so pleased with the results that they ave no problem returning to the doctor regularly for scheduled treatments. The early fears of botox no longer prevail and although there are a low number of cases each year that result from negative side effects of botox, it is clear that botox is here to stay.

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