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30 June 2008

How to Tell if My Husband is Cheating! 15 tips to catch a cheating husband!

Signs of a Cheating Husband. How to tell if your husband is cheating? You want to know your cheating husband's signs of adultery! OK, so you have a hunch that your husband could be cheating on you and you want to know if there are some signs to confirm. You could be planning to go in for a direct confrontation, I am sure. Being cheated is painful, for whatever reasons, and it’s even more painful to mentally hang in-between without means to confirm it. I have compiled few signs that denote a probable infidelity. Although it doesn’t necessarily confirm you spouse’s unfaithfulness 100%, but it does 99.99%.

Genetically, men are programmed to cheat by nature. For a women, sex is emotional, but for men it’s mental. When instigated with a sexual opportunity the men are there with fully blown-up penis sticking in the front and your husband is none different! You are never safe unless you are alert to nip it in the bud!

So, here is the list of signs for you!

You husband wear a cloak of secret around him. Doesn’t give logical answers for his actions. Sign number 1

Your husband seems to care about his looks suddenly. He has started wearing dresses that were not his type earlier. When asked doesn’t give any credible answer for this sudden twist. Sign number 2.

There are many mysterious absences. There is no credibility in the explanations he provides. Sign number 3

More Business Trips:
Your husband leaves on more number of business trips that have no convincing backings. Sign Number 4

54-365 - 2/23/08  Cheater Car

Charges on credit cards:
You husbands credit card statements have strange charges. Sign number 5

Advice from you:
Stops taking advice from you on few decisions he takes. Sign number 6

Carries Condom:
He carries condoms even though you usually have sex at home when together. Sign number 7.

Peek Mobile:
Doesn’t lets you peek into his mobile. Sign number 8

Spends more time on phone. Sign number 9

New Underwear:
Purchases underwear even though he has tons of fresh ones at home. Sign number 10

Wedding Ring:
He suddenly stops wearing the wedding ring. Sign number 11

Unexpectedly, starts to work overtime. Sign number 12

Enrolls in a gym unexpectedly. Sign number 13

Goes out smelling different and comes in smelling different Sign number 14.

Spend more time with his computer than with you Sign number 15.

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