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20 June 2008

Prevent Skin Aging Wrinkles. Tips!

Prevent Skin Aging, Wrinkles. Tips!

kin being the largest organ of the body, taking care of it is as important as taking care of any other part of the body.

Why should we have a healthy skin?

1. It is the first line of your body’s defense against the Bacteria’s and viruses
2. Having a healthy protected skin prevents onset of many diseases like cancer
3. Having a healthy skin conclusively boosts self-confidence

I am sure that It wouldn;t be possible for me to cover all the good things of having a clear skin via this short post.So going forward keeping this in mind, I would like to brush up few tips for you.

Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin is not easy, however is made simple by adhering to few good habits. Before we dwell into it, let us look at few things that are associated with aging.

Skin ages due to familiar, yet overlooked factors. 90% of the time, the Sun is the cause. Exposure to Sun hastens the aging process. Prolonged exposure to Sun leads to wrinkles, creases, and lines on the exposed skin. These are all the characteristics that would make you look old. Additionally, it aids occurance of acne and pimples.To realize the severity of the situation, just compare the skin from the body parts that are usually covered, with the skin exposed to the Sun! It will shock you, I am sure, to find how un-healthy and ages your exposed skin is in contrast to un-exposed healthy supple skin. Apart from the Sun factor, habits like smoking, alcohol consuption also contribute towards skin aging.

Considering the fact that Sun plays the major role in destroying your youthful skin, we need to know how actually the exposure to Sun affects our skin. Exposure to Sun burns the top layer of skin, known as epidermis, which roughens the skin leading to wrinkles and rough bumps. As a result, the skin looses it's elasticity and is the cause for the wrinkles. The researches have found that Sun induces production of free radicals that damage the skin extremely. Exposing your skin to Sun stops your skin from replenishing itself with new skin quickly and may ultimately lead to deep wrinkles. People usually believe that going out into Sun without proper protection, on the overcast days, is recommended.However, remember, the UV rays from the Sun is never filtered by the clouds and you will have the same amount of burn as you would have had during a bright sunny day! Never step out without proper sun protection.

All said and done, how to we prevent Aging?

The answer is “By avoiding Sun!” However, Is it practical? Should you stay in-door without stepping out at all?

Not at all! You can carry out all your joyful out-door activity at your peace by following few simple Sun protection rules.

Here they are,


1. Wear cloths that are light and cover most of your body.
2. Wear wide brimmed hat whenever you step out.
3. Run for a shade in the Noon.
4. Apply Sunscreen. Make it a daily routine as a part of your makeup.
5. Drink lot or water.
6. Eat fruits everyday.
7. Reduce Smoking, or if possible quit.
8. Reduce consuming excess alcohol.
9. Apply moisturizers everyday. Applying moisturizers, will keep you skin supple, decrease roughness and will maintain skin’s natural moistures.
10. Use soaps that are mild with neutral pH. This helps in preventing the natural body oils from getting washed away.
11. Apply moisturizer immediately after bath to replenish the skin.
12. Vitamins and Minerals are very much essentials for Skin’s health. Vitamin E plays a major role in skin’s architecture. Include that in your daily intake. Consult a doctor before you try any kind of vitamin products to confirm the amount recommended for you.
13. Use creams that reverse aging. These creams contain Tretinoin ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tretinoin) and Alpha Hydroxy acids which are beneficial to your skin. Contact you dermatologist before opting for one.
14. Use bleach at least once in 15 days to remove the superficial dead skin layer. In case you are allergic to Cosmetics, you can try natural ones. There are many Ayurvedic ones available in market.
15. Last but not the least, Excercise. Workouts keep you skin glowing as it opens skin pores for improved skin tone. Your skin breathes easy and feels good.

Wish you a Great Skin!!!

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