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11 June 2008

Tips- sex in water! Spice up your sex life

Tips- sex in water! Spice up your sex life

ave you ever tried having sex in water, cold or hot? On the other hand, are you a passionate personality, who desire having sex in the pool or under the shower? Then this article will throw some light, or is it water?, on the subject. Keep reading!

Yes, attempting to have sex out of bed is break away from the otherwise monotonous sex life. It's sure to spice up your sex life a little bit. Can bring back the fire in the dull couple meanwhile resulting in a hot romp. Can satisfy few sexual fantasies of the partners and make the sex act wholesome and fulfilling. The other side of the coin is, without proper knowledge, couple get hurt trying to have sex in the bath. Hence, here are few snippets that you need to keep in mind while performing a water act:

Area for the Act:
Choose a safe place in the bath to have sex. Due to the slipperiness of the bathtub, sex in the bathtub can be dangerous. Smooth tiled bathrooms can also be extremely precarious. Choose a safe place where you can support your partner and yourself comfortable. Supine positions are safer, but you need to make yourself comfortable first. May be you need a towel to kneel on when you go for doggy style to avoid aberrations to the knee. Standing style is more safe, but need to be careful on a slippery floor.

Water washes away the moisture and natural lubricants from the private parts, required for penetration. Penetration, thus becomes painful. Have a handy lubricant that is not water- soluble. You can purchase it from any store nearby. Incase, you got no lubricant and are in the passionate mode; avoid using soaps until you finish the act. This way, at least there will some natural lubricants for your aid.

If in case, you don’t plan a pregnancy, then you need to be familiar with the type of preventive measure that you need to take. Condom is ineffective in the water as the water, if hot, may either damage the condom or may make it slip off. My suggestion is for the female partner to be ready with the pills. Resulting, you have a totally free mind to enjoy the ACT. :-)

Use prefumes or aromatic oils on each others body during the act. This will get both of you up and going in no time. It will also instill a sense of freshness

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JuiceMag said...

I might have it a go sometime :D Thanks for sharing!

Vikram said...

Thanks for the comment! sure Juicemag.. Have a great romp!

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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