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15 June 2008

High heels good or bad? Buy Online Cheap High-Heels, high heels

High heels good or bad? Are High-Heels bad for health? A prevalent dilemma in our mind, on whether to go for one or not. Wearing high heels makes your legs seem longer, provides a lift to your bottom and makes you irresistibly SEXY! All that you need to know to enjoy these benefits is to know how to walk right! Apart from being sexy, wearing high heels has health benefits too. Surprised? Read along!

90% of the people in the world believe that wearing high heels is unhealthy. Since the world believes, it doesn’t mean that we should believe it too. Being the smart ones, shouldn’t we check, if what is being propagated is true? Contrastingly, it has been proved that wearing High-Heels is not as bad as what is believed. Check the benefits of high-heels below to draw your own conclusion.

Good things about high Heels:

Wearing high heels strengthens you pelvis muscles thus boosting your Sex life. Your male partner is going to enjoy more as you deliver a stronger thrust in bed.

Improves your posture, thus preventing slogging while you sit, stand and do your day to day activity. Better posture boosts self-confidence and keeps you free from back pain.

Helps to tighten your vaginal muscles. Tighter vaginal muscles, more your partner will enjoy sex. You are a STAR in the bed!

Pink high heels

Stronger pelvic muscles means stronger uterus, stronger bowels and stronger bladder, confirming that you would give birth to a healthy baby.

Walking on high heels need more energy , thus you end up burning more calories, as a result you are slim and fit.

Walking on high heels requires extreme balance. This everyday balancing act strengthens the part of your brain that keeps the body balance.

High heels may also prevent thrombosis.

So much said, go get one for yourself!

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