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27 June 2008

Tips to prevent acne! how to prevent acne

The best thing you are able to do in the battle versus acne is to try everything you can to prevent it and to stop it from spreading. A lot of the things you should do are common sense routines of hygiene and face care. But there are a few things that can be executed that you might not think of. Because acne is induced when your face has too much oil and dead skin, which then clogs up the pores, you ought to cleanse your face twice each day with a good soap. Many folks advise employing a sulfur-based soap. Don't scour your face that will merely irritate your skin. Always cleanse softly and don't wash your face too frequently.


If you're going to employ a moisturizer on your face, ensure it doesn't contain an oil base. This is also something that ought to be looked at by women who are going to put on war paint. Whatever is going on a woman's face shouldn't contain an oil base. A make-up with a H2O base is a good deal better. Also, keep off putting on war paint as much as you are able to. But if you must wear it, ensure that you get rid of it prior to hitting the sack every night-time. Never slumber in your war paint.

Long hair

Long hair may constitute trouble during an acne eruption. An individual's hair holds a lot of oils. It also picks up a lot of debris and filth. Then the hair chafes against the face depositing this grime and oil on the skin. Many medicos will advise keeping your hair short to prevent this ongoing trouble. Others will say that if you opt to keep your hair long tie it back as frequently as you are able to. Thus preventing this ongoing transference of oils from occurring.

Whenever an acne eruption is starting avoid the sun's beams. They can be extremely tough on the skin and even make the acne worse. Also, don't apply sunscreens
that contain an oil base.


Some caregivers, and some acquaintances, will advise you that certain supplements will assist in helping to prevent acne. One that's often recommended is taking Vitamin A. It's reputed to prevent acne and improve an individual's skin. It also goes a long way to decrease the output of sebum. Sebum is another name for the oils that are the chief culprit in inducing acne. Other people will suggest the employment of a chromium supplement, or taking a daily complement of zinc.


Do not wear tight apparel. This makes you perspire and if you're a person who gets acne on your back the perspiring will step-up the probabilities of an eruption. Switch your bed sheets, and particularly your pillow slip, on a regular basis. If you're in the midst of an outbreak change your pillow slip every few days so you're not lying down in the oils that are rubbing off of your face.

You might not be able to entirely prevent it but if you abide by a few of these tips you will have a great chance of suppressing your acne and keeping it under control.

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