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03 June 2008

Meditation, practice tips? Scientific ways to meditate!

Meditation, practice tips? Scientific ways to meditate!

I have been frequently confronted with a simple question. It comes to me when unexpected, while standing on the railway station platform, or while walking down a busy market street. That question is, “Who am I and why am I here”

We must all agree, whether non-believer or believer, that there is some kind of a design that is working on us. Why does someone die in an accident while some don’t? Why did it happen to that person in particular, why not to all? Whether we call that design, God, Matrix, Light, Destiny or whatever other name you use, we must all unconditionally agree there are certainly few things in this world that is outside the power of a logical explanation.

So, the quest to know what the power his, just like a scientist thirsty to find logical answers to unexplainable, drives us to find some means to locate the source of this design.

The India has always been the place where the activity of self-discovery was carried on for thousands of years. Many manuals and methods were invented to achieve that state of mind where you realize the very purpose of the life and are available even today.

I had a blessed opportunity to have Sri Vidyananada Sarawathi Swami for my spiritual guidance during my college days in Ooty. Sri Swami was staying there at the mutt. Under his guidance, I started practicing a simple form of meditation. It did great wonders on me. It brought my anger down, kept me happy and the joy I felt through the day was awesome. I used to mediate continuously for 5 hrs in a stretch. Carrying it forward, I started looking out for more.

That is when I started practicing Kriya yoga form practiced and disseminated by Paramahansa Yogananda. Practicing Kriya is like practicing simple meditation millions of time. That too did wonders for me. There was clairvoyance and I had more control on the path I took. It is way of mediation, which requires you to manipulate the breath while holding different postures and mudras

I then went down to Isha Yoga Centre, nestled in the Veliyangiri Mountains to learn Sakthi Chalana Kriya as taught by living Guru Sri Sat guru Jaggi Vasudev. This kriya is to reach the meditative state by consciously operating the energy on different parts of the body through control of breath while holding different Mudras. Mudra is holding the finger of your hand certain fashion and each Mudras have different effects on your body.

I have learnt and am practicing Reiki too. All these have brought good to me. I feel, I have more control on what happens to me in this world. I would recommend that everyone practice some form of meditation every day to have a fulfilling and joyous life. Meditation is not specific to any religion and can be practiced by all, irrespective of their faith.

Apart from the spiritual benefits, meditation has additional benefits too.

1. It relieves stress.
2. Since, the body is still and calm, heart slows down, which is beneficial for its health
3. Lungs slow down.
4. Power of concentration increases as the practice of meditation is carried on.
5. Memory improves and sharpens.
6. It lowers oxygen consumption.
7. Brings the anxiety down by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
8. Improves the immune system.
9. Helps keep blood pressure normal.
10. Aids weight loss.
11. Meditation increased the activities of the left frontal lobe.

You can reach the meditation state easily by incorporating meditative music. Music can enhance the state of meditation. To learn more on how to mediate and how you can speedup and enhance the ecstasy, continue reading,

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