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26 June 2008

Tips- Dog Home Training! Learn Train dog at home!

Tips for Training Dogs at homeAs the saying goes, “Dogs are our best friend.” This is true if your dog is well behaved. A good training ensures that your dog doesn’t get on your nerve by incessant barking, running around, chewing the things around the house and many more.

Thus, the training is integral part of owning a lovable dog. Nevertheless, most of us underestimate this need. Training a dog isn’t easy, yet it’s not a rocket science. It could be perfected by keeping in mind few simple tricks.

Trick 1: Don’t Yell

Always impose positive reinforcement. Never scold or yell at your dog for any reason, alternatively reward him when he does something right accompanied by little bit of petting. Remember, overdoing the latter could make your dog sloppy and overweight.

Trick 2: Free Barking

Never stop your dog from barking. This may rather excite the dog to bark more for that the reason it believes that you are in the game.
The suggestion is to totally ignore the dog making the whole episode seem not so worth. Gradually, the dog will give up the bad habit as it realizes that the bark is not worth it. :-)

Another way to achieve the same is to have a bottle of water to thrown on the dog when it starts barking. This is an effective way to bring the barking into control as the dog realizes that he would be sprayed with water if he starts the rapport.
Do remember to reward him when he stops barking. Again, don’t overdo it. The dogs are intelligent enough to understand that it will be rewarded if it barks and quits.

Trick 3: Free Bite

Dogs bite when their personal territory is breached into, like pluck food from the dog while it is eating and scaring it such an extend that it bites
Dogs bite when they're playing because they naturally use their mouths to grasp things.Though this is completely innocent and understandable behavior, it's important to teach your dog that biting the tennis ball may be okay, but biting you is not. If your dog bites you during play, stop the play immediately and walk away. Soon, your pet will learn that playful biting is not okay.

Happy Dog Training! Also, being a responsible pet owner I would recommend the following product for you pet's health. I have been using this on my dog and the results are wonderful. My dog is more vibrant! Try it out. You will be amazed!

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rgblog said...

When raising and training a puppy make sure he/she does not become shy:

It is a good idea to identify why your dog may be acting shy. You should
first take your dog to the vet to rule out any medical reasons for your dog’s

1. The most likely cause of shyness is insufficient social contact
with people during the first weeks of life. Dogs look to their owners to be the
“alpha dog” of their “pack”, and to guide them safely into new and stimulating
situations. Without these experiences, the dog may become timid and skittish
when introduced to things outside their immediate familiarity.
2. Dogs who frequently change owners and homes aren’t given the chance
to build familiarity, and may shy away from a wide variety of situations. Dogs
adopted at an older age, such as from a rescue society, often exhibit shyness of
strangers, sometimes due to mistreatment in a previous household.
3. Dogs that have been abused or have experienced some other traumatic
event often become extremely fearful.
4. There is also a good chance that your dog never really learned how
to socialize properly in the first place. If this is the case, then you should
be able to use some very effective dog behavior training techniques to fix this
issue in no time.

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." !!

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