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26 June 2008

Healing Power Pomegranate! Eat Pomegranate to Stay healthy

Healing Powers of Pomegranate. What this wonder fruit can do for you. One nutrient-packed produce that not many people know about is pomegranate, which is a fruit that resembles an apple and is full of seeds. When eating this fruit, do not try to remove the seeds because these are actually where you can get the most nutrients. This sweet fruit originated from the Himalayas and Iran, but it also grows in the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. In the US, pomegranate is abundant during the fall season.

Since ancient times, pomegranate leaves, bark, fruit and rind, and even flowers were used to help in treating various medical conditions. Pomegranate is an excellent source of potassium, panthothenic acid, polyphenols (a type of antioxidant), Vitamin C and B to name just a few. If you want to know more on how you can take advantage of this fruit and plant, read on and learn.

Eases Digestive Problems

Pomegranate rind, bark, and leaves were used to calm an upset stomach, diarrhoea and other digestive problems. Drinking a tea made from the leaves and bark of this plant can make your digestive symptoms disappear. In fact, some say that pomegranate can be used for dysentery and cholera as well. However, if you have chronic diarrhea or other serious digestive problems, you should seek medical attention before drinking or taking any alternative cures.

Prevents Strokes And Other Heart Ailments

A stroke is believed to be caused by the thickening of the arteries, which can be due to cholesterol buildup. Research shows that drinking pomegranate juice and eating the fruit is helpful in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Furthermore, it is also a blood thinner, so blood clots are prevented from forming.

Reduces Risk Of Certain Cancers

People with a high risk of developing prostate and breast cancer should start drinking the juice of this fruit. Although further studies in humans are being done to establish the importance of this fruit in reducing cancer risks, there have been a number of researches done in mice that already show positive results; one of which showed that growths of tumors in lab mice slowed down dramatically when given a regular dose of pomegranate extract.

Helps Prevent Osteoarthritis And Other Bone-related Diseases

According to a study conducted by the Case Western Reserve University, pomegranate showed great potential in treating arthritis. People with this ailment know that pain associated with the disease is mainly caused by the poor cartilage health. Well, pomegranate extracts contain antioxidants that not only eases inflammation of the joints, but more importantly, it also prevents the degradation of cartilage. Also, pomegranate helps in preventing the creation of enzymes that are responsible for breaking down connective tissues.

Figures from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases show that there are over 20 million sufferers of osteoarthritis in the US and the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years. Majority of people with arthritis use alternative and natural remedies to ease pain and inflammation in their joints. Thus, finding that pomegranate is effective in fighting arthritis is a welcome news to alternative medicine practitioners.

Aside from pomegranate extract, arthritis sufferers can also take supplements that help replenish the joint's synovial fluid. Without this liquid, adjoining bones will rub against each other and cause extreme pain.

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Acai Organic Superfood said...

This really worked for me especially the lower cholesterol and joint pain
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MonaVie Ingredient #1 Acai Berry
A very powerful fruit and the crown jewel in the Mona Vie formula, acai berry can be found only high atop towering palm trees in the lush Amazon Rain Forest of South America. A recent study held at Gainesville Florida proved that Acai kills 86 percent of leukemia cells in a lab test. Mona Vie is a potent new juice blend of 19 fruits with its main ingredient the Acai berry. Mona Vie comes in 2 different formulations -- Original containing the 19 fruits with the Acai berry, and Mona Vie Active which adds Celadrin and Glucosamine to help promote flexibility and joint health.
MonaVie Ingredient #2 Acerola Cherries
Almost nothing else in nature produces vitamin C like the "cherries" of the acerola! It has been used for such varied uses as an astringent for healing wounds and tissue, reducing inflammation, reducing a fever, and as both a diuretic and renal stimulant. The acerola cherry is known for helping diabetes, rheumatism, and heart disease.
MonaVie Ingredient #3 Apricots
This is one of the worlds most amazing fruit. Apricots are known to build strong teeth, fight bacteria and infections, repair damaged tissues, build strong young looking teeth, and improves vision. Apricots provide a rich assortment of antioxidants and are abundant with soluble fiber, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and Vitamin C. They also include a natural salicylate - the major ingredient in aspirin. Other useful effects of apricots are stabilizing blood pressure and preventing strokes.
MonaVie Ingredient #4 Aronia (black chokeberry)
This fruit is originated from the Yucatan. Aronia juice contains very high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids-five to ten times higher than cranberry juice. Its beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins are believed to include compounds that specifically important for a healthy immune system. Aronia also contains important trace minerals, and it has been used as an anti-diabetic food.
MonaVie Ingredient #5 Banana
Bananas are a great source of potassium, & tons of natural minerals. They are also known to reduce your appetite.
MonaVie Ingredient #6 Bilberries
The Bilberry is a close relative of the blueberry and is noted for strengthening of the capillaries of the eye. Bilberry is already widely noted for slowing of age-related macular degeneration, night blindness, diabetes-related eye disorders and helps with cataracts Bilberries can also help prevent a wide variety of bodily problems including bruising, fatigue, coughing, diabetes, diarrhea, gout, glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).
MonaVie Ingredient #7 Camu Camu or Rumberry
The Camu Camu berry is the planet’s richest source of natural Vitamin C. Its content has been measured as 30-60 times higher than an equal amount of citrus fruit. The Camu Camu berry is legendary for its powers to strengthen the immune system and repair connective tissue. Camu Camu is great for treatment of the common cold and generally supporting the immune and nervous systems. It is also an excellent agent for detoxification, especially for liver detox. The respiratory system, including the lungs, sinuses, and nasal passages all benefit from this natural fruit, as does the heart and all of the circulatory system.
MonaVie Ingredient #8 Cranberries
Cranberries are rich in many phytonutrients and proanthocyanidins (PAC’s) - found to prevent the adhesion of certain bacteria associated with urinary tract infections to the urinary tract wall. These antiadhesion properties are also thought to inhibit the bacteria associated with gum disease and stomach ulcers. In addition, cranberries can serve as a powerful antibiotic, fighting both E. Coli and H. Pylori. This fruit also reduces gum disease and stomach ulcers occuring especially in dental health.
MonaVie Ingredient #9 Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit contains ample amounts of phytonutrients, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, trace minerals and dietary fiber. This fruit helps build your immune system up and assist in respiration problems such as breathing and colds. Kiwi is also known for protecting DNA against free radicals and cleansing the colon from toxins.
MonaVie Ingredient #10 Lychee Fruit
The lychee is native to low elevations in Southern China. Cultivation spread over the years through neighboring areas of southeastern Asia and reach the United States in the late 1800"s. Lychee fruit helps prevent blood clots, severe cell damage, reduces strokes, cuts heart attack patients into 50% lower chance. At 72mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of flesh, lychees are a very good source for this essential vitamin, as well as potassium and other nutrients.
MonaVie Ingredient #11 Nashi Pear
This fruit is from Korea and some small parts of Japan. This was at one time known as the Korean fruit & Japanese fruit of miracles. This fruit is used to cleanse your oral & nasal cavities from existing bacterias and other types of mucous membranes.Once reserved as a food to be served only to the wealthy and to Chinese nobles, Nashi pears have been grown, cultivated and eaten for centuries. Nashi pears are a great source of dietary fiber, and they’re also very high in potassium and other essential minerals. They contain nearly 10% of the USRDA for Vitamin C, and a high concentration of folates, which make up the Vitamin B complex group. These vitamins are essential for metabolic activity and red blood cell production.
MonaVie Ingredient #12 Passion Fruit
Passion fruit can be found in Brazil, and some of south Florida. Passion fruit contains high levels of Vitamin A & Vitamin C which is also a great source of Potassium. This fruit is known to relax the body and mind from stress. Helps with sleep during the night and also contains natural iron. This fruit is an excellent source for dietary fibers. The only fruit that allows you to wake up feeling fully rested. Passion fruit is also rich in vitamins and mineral including: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and B Vitamins. The legend of passion fruit dates back to Biblical time, and its modern day uses include: promoting sleep, calming anxiety and addressing hyperactivity in children.
MonaVie Ingredient #13 Pear
Pears are great for your body they contain high natural vitamins such as potassium and riboflavin. Pears are great for your skin, and have great fiber content. Potassium is used to keep your good cells alive in your body so you won't get sick as much. Potassium used in a diet also increases nerve activity, muscle growth, helps with muscle contractions, maintaining body fluid & electrolytes. Pears provide antioxidant protection and ensure cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, increasing capillary strength and stabilizing metabolism. Pears also protect vision and fight against macular degeneration as well as support nerve transmission, aid tissue repair, and promote bowel regularity.
MonaVie Ingredient #14 Blueberries
Blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse. They contain large amounts of health-promoting phytochemicals such as anthocyanins and phenolics, currently being studied for their antioxidant benefits. Besides antioxidants, blueberries contain condensed tannins, and they offer a great lineup of nutrients like potassium and iron, as well as being an excellent source of Vitamin C.
MonaVie Ingredient #15 Pomegranate
Studies show that pomegranate juice is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, containing more polyphenol antioxidant than any other drink. Pomegranate juice contains more antioxidants than even red wine, green tea, blueberry juice, cranberry juice or orange juice. It has been shown to be highly effective in clearing plaque from inner arterial walls. MonaVie contains pomegranate juice because of its ability to help bodily function and to prevent disease and viruses from interrupting normal body operation. Pomegranate is also helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, preventing heart attacks and strokes, as well as preventing cancers, diabetes, and intestinal problems.
MonaVie Ingredient #16 Prunes
Prunes are dried plums, rich in minerals and phenols, plus they have an extremely high ORAC value. The drying process actually increases antioxidant powers by more than six times! USDA researchers believe that people of all ages can prevent and treat diseases of aging by simply adding prunes to their diets. Prunes contain 15% Vitamin A, 10% dietary fibers, 10% potassium, 10% copper, and only 6% calories. Prunes are able to boost bone density, cleanse the bowels, and prevent against cardiovascular disease. Prunes are also known or their abilities to cleanse the liver, prevent against both Alzheimer's and memory loss, and fight off infections in the body. There is also evidence that prunes may be responsible for reducing cholesterol in humans and also for reducing the risk of developing an estrogen-dependent cancer.
MonaVie Ingredient #17-18 Grapes - Purple / White
Grapes are another source of antioxidants and are also effective at fighting off bacterial and viral infections, and reducing inflammations. Grapes is also known to improve cardiovascular health by aiding in the improvement of arterial flexibility. The purple grape naturally helps with concentration, brain functions, hyper tension, arteries, hypertension usually occurs from high blood pressure.
MonaVie Ingredient #19 Wolfberry
For thousands of years in China, the Wolfberry has been known as “the herb of longevity.” It provides a powerful combination of antioxidants and polysaccharides, shown to enhance the activity of the immune system. Wolfberry also provides eighteen amino acids and twenty-one trace minerals. Wolfberries aid the removal of headaches, as well as the regulation and lowering of high blood pressure. The wolfberries found within MonaVie drinks also help battle chronic fatigue, arthritis, and insomnia.
Health & Harmony,
Lisa>>> lisadeb1989@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Today while at the doctorI was talking with the person who was telling me about pomegranate softgels. He told me that his prostate p s a reading went down from a high of .o25 reaing to a .o2,after he started on them and has been low foe a year now,so I ran to wal-mart and bought some for seven or eight dollars for a supply of 90 per bottle, thanks to him maybe it will help? Jhn L Esparza selma ca.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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