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11 June 2008

Tips- Healthy Pets! Tips for Healthy Dogs and Cats!

Tips- Healthy Pets! Tips for Healthy Dogs and Cats!

Pets are part of us. We live with them most part of our life. Consequently, we develop an emotional connection with them.

I remember, as fresh as a morning dew, the day when my dear dog, “Simily” died of disease. I cried my heart out. That’s when I realized the amount of love and attachment I had developed on her, without me realizing it.

Currently, I have “Suzuki” and he is well and healthy. He is living with me for 2 years now, without any trouble.

I now have a friend, who owns a kennel, guide me on the methods to maintain a healthy pet. He had few tips for me! The pet management in itself is a science. There are truly few hard and fast rules for keeping the pets safe.

I have this article here to share few important tips, which you can employ to keep your pet’s health in peak condition.

Priority is,

Providing your pets healthy food will obviously keep them healthy. In the beginning, I used to feed part of my food, which I cooked for myself, to the pet. I forbade you from committing the same mistake I did. Never do it! Dogs, of course all the pets, cannot consume everything that humans eat. You need to make foods specifically for your pets. The food should be complete with all the nutrients and minerals.I am sure with little look around on the net you can grab few sites with wonderful recipes for the pets. I believe, there are few lazy people like me, who need a easy way out. For same kind as me, there are always good ready-made pet food available in the market.

These prepared foods have all the mineral requirements of your pets. There are two kind of food available in the market, Wet and Dry food.

I recommend dry foods as these can be left in the pet bowl for longer compared to the wet ones. Wet food is supposed to be discarded after a couple of hours.

Mineral and Vitamins:
Even though, the food is nutrient loaded, still your dog or cat may need extra minerals and vitamin supplements. Vitamins ensure overall well being of your pets by improving the immune systems. As a result, your pet, dog or cat is more resistant to disease, has vibrant coat and healthy look.

Hygiene of your dog or cat is as important as the rest. Keeping your pets free from flee, heartworm, and ticks ensure that your pet’s skin stays healthy and that they don’t catch on to some skin disease. You may have to, at regular intervals, administer pet medicines under the advice of your pet's veterinarian. You need to bath your pets at least once a week. To purchase few "Over the counter" medicines, visit the site below. I have been using this on my pet and it has worked wonders.

You need to investigate what kind of chemicals you use at home. It may be the usual ones like cockroach killers, housefly killers, sprays and kitchen cleaners etc. Many or few of these can damage your pet’s health. Check out and be sure that these stuffs are safe to be used amidst the pets. Also, do take care that you don’t let these stuffs around to stop your pets from swallow due to curiosity. This was the cause for the death of “Simily.” She had swallowed some lethal stuff lying around in my house.

Stay area:
Keep the kennel/Basket where you pets stay clean. Clear and change the items in the stay area regularly. You may have to use liquid disinfectant to kill germs.

Visit to veterinarian:
People take their pets to veterinarian only when they sense something is wrong. Realize, preventive measures are important for a healthy pet. Walk your dog to a doctor regularly.

Chocolate Horror:
No chocolates for your pet! Chocolates contain ingredients that are not suitable to your pet's physiology.

All food and no workout will make your pet fat and lethargic. Take your pets for regular workout like run around the park. It has an added advantage, this way even you stay healthy. :-)


Saman Rashid said...

Nice article.Taking care of your pets is the most important thing to do.I own a 4 months old naughty persian cat "lucky" and an innocent plum headed female polly.
BOth are addorable.
I also have a blogs on pets.Give it a look and let me know what you think.


Vikram said...

Thanks a lot for the comments, Saman.

Saman Rashid said...

Pets are a very important part of my life. i lost a cat in may and after that decided to make a blog and help others know their pet problems.Thank you.I will keep on visiting your blog as you too have health related articles which im interested in alot.

Dogs & Cats Health said...

Great article. I just can't figure how some people don't like animals. Great read, keep it up!

Dogs & Cats Health

Saman Rashid said...

i added a new article,do check it out.

Saman Rashid said...

New article added.Its on animal bites.YOu might find it interesting.If you can send me some of your friends that have pet blogs,ill mail them updates too.

Saman Rashid said...

New article posted.

Saman said...

if you add my blog to your blog roll,ill do the same,let me know.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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