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08 June 2009

Palm Pre WebOs Mobile Phone Feature Review and Video!

Palm pre is coming out very soon after months of waiting. Palm 3 will available on sprint network in next couple of days. Here is basic review of features on the Palm 3 abstracted from a preview video. Even though the review piece wasn't loaded with all the features, it was impressive with even little on it.


1. Smooth and round. Designed after a river stone, found in the bottom of the river.
2. Comfortable to hold in hand, feels good in all grips.
3. Small enough to fit all the pocket sizes.
4. One single button in the front.
5. Nothing at the bottom.
6. Nothing at the right except a latch covering the micro USB port.
7. Nothing on the left
8. In the top, it has a silence button, power and unlock key.
9. In the back it has a flash, camera and speaker.
10. The slider mechanism is little bit stiff, however smoothens out after a couple of weeks of usage.
11. You would be surprised to find very tiny keys. Nevertheless you will get used to it as you start using the palm.
12. One negative thing is the ridge that runs around the keypad. It's very sharp and doesn't feel comfortable on the fingers.
13. It has a Mirror in the back after you slide the palm 3 open. You probably can use it for make-up.
14. The area right under the screen is sensitive to touch.


1. Uses the Web OS, Web operating system from palm. It's brand new smart phone platform, that incorporates lot of web technologies to make it all work.
2. At the bottom of the screen you will find menu, phone, contacts, email, calender and launcher button. Each of these have specific use.
3. Launcher is really the main menu of the phone. Once you click the launcher you can see basic group pattern that has 3 or more pages of applications that you can scroll around.
4. You can download any new application from App catalog. There seems to be unlimited number of applications that you can load. Installing these application are as easy as just clicking the application. In seconds the application installs automatically.
5. For an example if you would like to write a memo, you can open the memo application, type in something and save. To save, you can press the button on the phone body to get the option. Menu key is actually on the phone body and can be used to cut copy, paste and save.
6. You can use the area right under the screen, sensitive to touch, to swipe in an open application to the screen or to swipe out of the screen. It lets you scroll back and forth.
7. You can deactivate the application or close it by touching the application area on the screen.
8. You can have many application open at one time. You can load up the messaging application, load pictures, videos etc. The applications are stored on what palm calls, cards. You can scroll easily and jump to any of these application by navigating across the cards.
9. There are lot of other features- messaging , web browser, music player, of course google maps. Also, has sprint services immigrated, sprint TV, sprint page, Amazon Mp3 client.
10. The last page is for configuration tool.

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Watch the video below:


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