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16 June 2009

Chinese Red Rice yeast effects on cholesterol! Wonder Drug that beats Statin!

Dried grain red yeast rice

The new research has found that Red Yeast Rice can lower cholesterol. After several clinical trials it was found that participants had reduced knee ache, and lower cholesterol levels. For the patients on whom Statin has now effect, the combination of red yeast rice with exercise has resulted in lower bad "LDL" cholesterol as reported in the medical journal.

In addition, it has been found that the combination of fish oil and red yeast rice along with proper workout is effective in reducing the cholesterol to a level not achievable via Statin. Though, Statin remains the best method of treatment for cholesterol, if you insist not taking it then the best fall back is the above combination. It doesn't result in muscle ache, memory problems and other side effects as it is otherwise with Satin. There seems to be some promises in the study conducted.

More studies have to be conducted before the effectiveness of the Red yeast is established. Doctors say, they need more demonstration on the safety and effectiveness of Red Yeast Rice before putting lives of their patients at stake. They warn public not to opt for Red yeast rice without taking advice from a doctor as it might have other unknown side effects not zeroed upon yet in the preliminary studies. Red yeast rice is also known as red rice yeast, is fermented rice. Red yeast rice as been an integral part of Chinese medicines for centuries. It is produced from a fungus that grows on rice that can slow the production of cholesterol in the liver. It is supposed have Monacolins compounds that are believed to simulate Statin by preventing liver from producing cholesterol. The red yeast rice beats Statin by 4:1 in lowering the bad, low-density lipoproteins, or LDL cholesterol.

Before you step out to buy Red Yeast Rice supplement, please be concerned that these studies are preliminary and might take some time before the latent side effects are studied and documented. In addition, note that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't monitor these drugs. Researchers continue to investigate Chinese red yeast rice effectiveness, however as said earlier the laboratory studies are very promising.


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