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19 June 2009

Tips to Build a Garden Shed. Build cheap gardenshed!

Having a shed in the back yard just makes life so much easier. Being able to store and organize all the garden tools, power tools along with mulch, garden soil and fertilizers makes it so much more enjoyable when you are working in the garden. Not to mention the space saver you will be getting by moving all that stuff out of your garage.Before you set out to build your shed here are some tips.
Do you need a permit? This should probably be your first step, after you have decided where to build the shed. Permits can take some time to get approved so get that done in a timely fashion. Could you build without a permit, just hoping no one will know? You could... but it can also get costly. Getting the permit is just the best plan.

What is your skill level? Have you built stuff before? Building something above your skill level can be a really frustrating project. If you want to go above your own capabilities, it is certainly possible to hire someone for some specific aspects of the shed building project.

What type, and what size should the shed be? We recommend you really thing through the size aspect. You are only going to build this one time, so might as well make it something that will work for you for years to come. Should you build a wooden shed? Get a metal shed? A wooden shed looks more classy, obviously, and may better blend in with your garden and your home. There is also great flexibility when building a wooden shed and it can be painted and designed to match your current theme.

Make sure to have a great blueprint. Plans for how to build a shed can be found on the internet. Some can be quite costly, others are so inexpensive it almost make you wonder... Then, according to your skill level, you can get the type of plan suited for you. Do you need a plan that will show you step by step how to lay out the work? Something that has easy, laid out information on the supplies needed? Do you need pictures and videos to guide you? Or maybe you just need the actual blueprint itself? Before purchasing a plan, make sure it fits your needs.

Do you have the tools required for the job? Not having the right tools can cause an absolute nightmare. Power tools can be rented from your local hardware store. Usually for very little money. With a bit if planning you can minimize the time you need to rent the tools, but do rent them if you don't already own them.

Planning your project before you start puts you ahead of the game. Getting all the supplies at once, knowing who you may need to hire, what tools to rent and where from...When your ducks are in a row, your shed building project will be both fun and easy and you will get a useful shed you can be proud of.

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hugh mitchem said...

I think these are wonderful tips for building a cheap garden sheds with proper sheds building plan. If having a right blueprint of shed building plan and tips then we can easily build a shed without wasting a materials and time.


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