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12 June 2009

IPhone 3GS Mobile Phone Features & Review! What is new in IPhone 3GS

Iphone 3G S with it's unmatched features has re-defined what's possible with a mobile phone. Now, Iphone that changed the mobile phones forever just got better. High quality auto focus camera, video with voice, hands free voice control, built in digital compass and many more new features like MMS, cut copy and paste, popular spotlight search and more. All inside a simple beautiful design that will fit comfortably in your hand.

What's New?

1. Fastest and powerful IPhone ever.
2. Wide screen.
2. Improved performance.
3. Revolutionary mobile phone.
4. Quickly launch the applications.
5. Jump between option via embedded links.
6. Website loads faster.
7. Scrolling, zooming and panning are snappier.
8. Better gaming experience.
9. Faster cover flow to browse through your music collection.
10.Interesting Apps from App Store.
11.More responsive
12.Not just faster alone, battery lasts longer than earlier so that you can play games, surf longer or do more on the IPhone 3GS.

Taking pictures have always been easy on IPhone. But, now with it's high quality auto focus camera, 3 mega pixel, the pictures are better than ever. Tap camera icon to start. Camera auto focuses automatically in the center of the frame. Tap to take picture. To focus on the subject that is not in the centre of the frame just touch that part on the screen, IPhone shifts focus to the subject and adjusts the white balance automatically. For close up shots IPhone uses auto macro feature to capture the finest details. Once captured, menu appears suing which you can save delete, or share. You can navigate to camera folder to see all the snaps and open them by tapping on them

IPhone encompasses high quality Video with Audio. You can also edit the video on the IPhone. Just launch the video and tap the record to start recording with audio. When you are done tap again to stop recording. Now open the video on the IPhone and tap the running video on the screen to bring the controls, using which you can edit the video. Then you can share it on Youtube right away from your IPhone or mail it to your friends. Do lot of other things on the video.

Voice Control:
Dial a number with just your voice. Access the number by calling out by name, or call out the phone numbers to dial. Another wonderful feature is that you can control IPod on 3GS using voice control. Play play-list favourites or pause by just talking to the IPhone and do much more just by talking. Saying "What song is this?" to the IPhone will make it respond with the details of the currently playing song.

Another great feature is built-in digital compass. Just like the usual needle compass it rotates in accordance to the direction. Launch the compass to find the co-ordinates of your current location. Map and compass work together in 3GS to change the maps in the direction to the way your going, which makes it easier to navigate down the road as map aligns in the direction that you are actually moving.

Cut, Copy and Paste:
Multi touch technology allows Cut, copy paste of photos and text, easy. In an email you copy by double tapping and draging to select the rest of the text. Once copy menu appears you again double tap to copy. Once you are on the area to which you wanted to copy, just tap the cursor again for the paste command to appear. Follow by tapping the paste command to paste.

Text Messages:
IPhone, now supports MMS. Share picture and videos alike. All messages are organised at one place for easy reading and reviewing based on the conversations. With MMS you can share pictures, videos, Voice memos and map locations and many more.

Voice Memos:
IPhone, now includes voice memos option. Record meeting, class lecture and share your recording as videos or MMS with your friends.

Finding exactly what you're looking for in your IPhone 3GS mail box is easy. Go to the top of the in-box to find the search field and enter the search term to search all your mails. To search across multiple application, use Spotlight search. The spotlight search searches all the applications for the search term in one go. It searches mails, calendar, notes, IPod and everything in the IPhone.

App Store:
App Store gives instant access to thousands of incredible application for sports, news, business etc. You can tap the application icons to buy and download. The Apps install automatically. There are apps like Facebook and many more that you can download. Download easily and install!

Enjoy the new IPhone!

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