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17 June 2009

IGoogle for Mobile, How to!

The new IGoogle for mobile has been released. I thought I would let you have a peek at how it looks and works on your mobile.

To get started you need to go to IGoogle.com on your phone's browser to open the site. Now you need to click on the "New Link". Once in, you can see same gadgets and Apps as on the desktop IGoogle. You can check weather, stocks, a preview of your Gmail, and even your grocery list. Seems cool, isn't it?

Let us now look at the fun part. Clicking on the "Fun Tab" opens up lot of goodies for you. Igoogle for mobile now supports Iframe & Ajax resulting in more gadgets to play on and work with on your phone. For instance you can play lot of Sudoku, or check out the latest tweets from your friends. This is a gadget developed by third party user using google API.

As a latitude user you can even see which of your friends are nearby. Track them and keep in touch.

Further, you can check out what is going on in the world using google "News" tab. When you access the news by tapping on the story title, you can see the summaries of the news that expand and snap to the top of the screen.That means you can read article summaries without leaving the page. Looks beautiful!

Here is a gadget that you would really love. If you have a gadget that is a favourite of your's then just click on the edit button that appears beside the gadget to move it up to the top.

IGoogle is simple and easy to use, yet delivers unimaginable performance and comfort on your phone. So just go ahead start using it!


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