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26 June 2009

Tips Choose Web Hosting Company Service ! How to

There are thousands of web hosting companies floating around on Internet making tall claims on the web hosting services they provide. They seem to promise so much that it would make our jaws drop. The size of the hosting directory is increasing day by day and there is no let up. Nevertheless, how should you filter the best out of these? If you are making a choice to host a lucrative web site with vision to expand, what should you be looking for in the services provided by the Web Hosting companies?
1. Cheap and affordable Web Hosting Service.
2. Best Rated Web Hosting Companies.
3. Low cost budget web hosting.
4. Free Web Hosting.
5. Reliable Web hosts,

and many more!! Cheap, free and budget seems to be exciting words, isn't it? However, making a choice on cost alone is not recommended. There are other priorities that you need to think before making a choice.

Basically these are the key expectation based on which you would be making a choice,
- Understand your business needs.
- Predicted business growth.
- Available budget and Cost.
- Sustainability.

Here are top tips to let you make a right choice of perfect web hosting company for your need:

1. Cost Check

While comparing different Web hosting Service companies, you must attempt to know how much the hosting is going to cost. It's elementary; the service will match the cost. Better service should cost more, however it might not be the case always. By making a list of service that your website may need would let you eliminate unnecessary facilities thereby reducing the cost. So, start by listing out what services you might need to begin with.

-Check if the set-up is free.
-Also, know if there is an extra cost for secure transactions.
-Check if having multiple URL would attract fees.
-On similar lines check if having multiple Email addresses would cost more.

Simply, it is a priority to get relevant with the cost and the extra cost.

2. Contract Check

It is always safe to read the terms and conditions carefully before you pay. Look for clause where the web host might charge to terminate your agreement in case you decide to shift to another Web hosting service. It is good to know regarding this and to know if there are any other restrictions on moving your site in the future.

3. Make Choice on needs

As I mentioned earlier, different companies offer different hosting service packages. Understand the level of technical support you need and get on-board only if the hosting company can meet your expectations.
- Check if they have a reachable phone number
- If they provide out of hours support.
- Are the phone numbers toll free?, etc.;

4. Additional Offers

Though you are in a hurry to get your site up and running, it is also important to focus on your long term requirements over the immediate ones.

- Ensure to verify the capacity of the hosting company to support your business as it grows.
- Check if the hosting companies provide usage report for your website. This is important for making future decision on you business.
- Compare the report provided by various companies to check how useful they would be before choosing your web host.

5. Domain Name Registration

Check if the registration of your domain name is part of the package. Further, do check if the company lets you have a choice in choosing the domain name. Some companies register in their own name. It is recommended, not necessarily, that you register the domain in your own name, so that your registration holds good even if the hosting company goes out of business.

These are few tips for you and I plan to bring a follow up post on this very soon where I will be talking on Software and Hardware aspects that you need to consider in your Web host choice. Subscribe to my post feed...

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