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15 April 2009

What to eat to lose fat? Food for weight loss!

Orange juice.
The secret of fat loss is Metabolism! It's elementary, if you take care of your metabolism, weight loss will happen automatically. You should be aware that your body makes use of nutrients during metabolism to grow and develop. Lethargy, obesity and lack of interest in routine activities indicate slow metabolism. In case, you got any of these symptoms, just don't loose heart, it doesn't end there. Metabolism can be boosted and controlled through food and exercise to have a positive fat loss. Here are few simple tips that you could employ to achieve a successful weight loss.

Fibre it!

Consume wholegrain, vegetables, and fruits. Refined foods are digested easily, however your body has to work hard to break down and digest fibre. This process uses extra energy, which in itself is weight loss. The fact is, fruits and vegetables, particularly raw ones boost metabolism considerably. Make it a point that you consume them sufficiently.

Water it!

Staying hydrated will keep you slim and energized. Remember, metabolism might drop during dehydration, even if it is mild. However, contrastingly, trying to hydrate yourself, don't consume sweetened juices or carbonated drinks that load calories. For highest possible weight loss, drink only plain water. Plain water contains no calories and tends to refresh you. You can eliminate the bore factor in consuming plain water by flavouring it with lemon juice or fruit juice ice cubes. Drink cold or warm depending on your preference or season. However, if comfortable, drink cold water as your body tends to spend some calories heating the water up for absorption. This way you lose bit more weight.

Dairy it!

To blast out tummy fat go in for dairy products. Apart from strengthening your bones, dairy products are effective in keeping weight at bay and helps you lose some too. This is because of the wonder mineral calcium that is abundant in the milk. Consume 3 to 4 cups of yogurt everyday to lose at the least 5% fat every single week. Calcium tends to triggers fat loss in your body cells. Top your lunch with huge chunk of lean cottage cheese, and in addition add some curd to your meal every day.

Protein it!

Protein tends to preserve your lean mass while the fat is burnt away. Having huge quantity of protein rich diets prevents food converting to fat, thus helping you to stay slim. Additionally, Protein takes time to digest thus preventing hunger pangs through the day.

As a result, you consume less thereby avoiding extra calories that turn fat. Leucine, an amino acid, found in protein works along with insulin to increase the metabolism and keeps you slim and fit. Examples of food that contain good protein are skinned chicken, fish, soya, and cottage cheese. Make sure that you include them sufficiently in your meals.

Tea it!

Tea, particularly green tea has got properties to speed weight loss by raising your metabolism. It's acts like a catalyst to weight loss. Take green tea, as it is, without sweetening it to have a noticeable weight loss.


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Thanks for your contribution to Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival. These are good weight loss tips.

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