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06 August 2008

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Unusual Wedding Gifts

Top Five Wedding Gift Ideas
Weddings are probably one of the most expensive events around, with many people spending over ten thousand on the hiring of the hall, wedding cake, outfit, make-up, decoration and catering. How the wedding is conducted and what the themes the couple take on board generally does not affect the guests. What does affect the guests in terms of planning the wedding is the kind of gift they choose to purchase for the happy couple.

What Gift?
Unlike buying a birthday gift, this gift will commemorate the couple's nuptial vows and will provide much more meaning about the event. Getting some good wedding gift ideas are accessible practically anywhere, more specifically on the internet. However, often you can find yourself distracted or misguided on the net, so an alternative route is needed. Asking the couples parents will help alleviate any stress in trying to guess the perfect present to pick out. This will also prevent you from picking out a gift that someone else may have already picked out.

Most Popular

Gift Guides Wedding Dec 2008

The most popular wedding gift is anything that proves useful for the new house. These are normally tableware or kitchenware, which is something the couple are likely to use almost immediately. They can be exceptionally expensive or within a specific budget, however, these days many weddings may request that no boxed gifts be brought to the wedding. What this means is that on the ceremony day itself, people do not bring the gifts and organise to present the gift later. This simply makes it easier to transport over to their home after.

The next most popular wedding gift ideas are money. As much as people see this as an easy way out for people to avoid the mad rush of shopping and selecting gifts, this has proved to be the most useful present of all. Gift vouchers are great if you know that they will spend the vouchers in that specific shop. Money on the other hand (provided it is a hundred pounds or more) can provide the happy couple the choice to purchase whatever they want without being restricted to one specific shop.

Upgrade Gifts
Following up to this gift idea is the gift of a honeymoon upgrade. This entails the couple's flight tickets of hotel accommodation being bumped up to first class. This is a great way of treating the couple to a luxurious and memorable holiday. This is a great surprise for many couples, especially as they are expecting something less and possibly cheaper. In comparison to their excitement for the honeymoon, the thought of having their flight or accommodation upgraded free is a bonus and one that they will not forget.

Next in line for top wedding gift ideas, are personalised memorabilia's. These are often prepared and ordered in advance with many people purchasing comical objects that are timeless and provides a lasting impression upon the couple on their special event. These kinds of presents can be kept for a prolonged amount of time, which unlike kitchenware will not be stored away and will continue to be presented for show. These are more personable; therefore, it shows originality and thought in selecting the right gift.

Lastly, another popular wedding gift is a celebratory bottle of wine. When people buy alcohol, this will usually be bought so that after a certain period (ten or twenty years later) it can be opened to celebrate a wedding anniversary. As wine matures over time, so does the marriage and makes for a very symbolic and thoughtful gift idea. These however, do not come cheap, so be prepared to spend a little more than what you would normally spend on a bottle of wine.

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Author Resource:-> Anna Stenning is good at putting forward wedding gift ideas, as she has had plenty of experience in this department.

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