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23 August 2008

Tips Travel to New Zealand Why travel to New Zealand

Three Reasons Why You Should Travel to New Zealand
f you are unsure about where to take your next vacation then perhaps you should consider New Zealand. It is a beautiful country that has a variety of wonderful scenery and terrain.

From the forests in the north to the many beaches in the south, New Zealand offers just about every thing that the visitor could want. This article aims to provide an insight in to just a small selection of the places that you can visit once you decide to go.

Current statistics show that the population of New Zealand is approximately four million people, of which just over a million live in its biggest city, Auckland. The capital city is Wellington which has a population of around 400,000. The vast majority of the urban areas of the country are situated on the North Island and generally people visit the South Island to enjoy the rural environment.


If you decide to visit Auckland on your trip then make sure you visit the Sky Tower. It is hard to miss as it stands 1,066 feet into the air. Built in 1997 its primary function is for telecommunications. However, as one of the tallest buildings in New Zealand it is also a favorite place for tourists and locals alike to visit.

There are restaurants and shops within the tower and the views can be breathtaking, particularly the sunsets. If you are feeling adventurous then you might want to consider trying the bungee jump off the tower. The Sky Jump will drop you 192 meters at a speed of 83 kilometers per hour in approximately 11 seconds!


This is the largest city on the South Island and is a great place to visit.With its relaxed environment, pleasant suburbs and wonderful scenery it is not difficult to understand why this is a popular city to visit. During its history, Christchurch has become known as the gateway to the Antarctica as it traditionally has been used as a base for explorations into the area. Famous explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton have used the area previously and it is still used for these purposes today.

Christchurch also has amazing botanical gardens. They were established in 1863 and possess a vast array of different and unusual plants.

The great thing about this is that entry is free, so if you do go to the city you have no excuse not to visit.

Fiordland National Park

This wonderful place was named a World Heritage site in 1986 and is New Zealand's largest National Park.The area covers approximately 1.2 Million Hectares and is a vast variety of beautiful natural landscapes.

There are plenty of places to explore within the National Park. Doubtful Sound is the deepest fiord and it is here that you can discover penguins and seals. It is also possible to go Kayaking or enjoy a cruise in this area. Milford Sound is the only fiord that is accessible by road and offers a wonderful drive, one perhaps you are unlikely to experience anywhere else in the world. If you visit this area then you must find the time to see the underwater observatory. It is situated some 10 meters below the surface and offers a wonderful view of the undisturbed natural environment under the fiord.

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