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08 August 2008

Learn How To Hypnotize Free

Learning how to hypnotize someone is a lot more beneficial than you might think. First of all, it allows you to have more control over your actions. Second, it also gives you the chance to help others who might be struggling with ailing health conditions or certain fears.

You might think that this is such a huge responsibility and you might not be able to succeed. However, keep in mind that we all have different ways of helping people. Who knows? Maybe learning how to hypnotize someone can open your eyes to new possibilities!

Before we talk more about the future though, it's important to get down to the basics. So how do you hypnotize someone?

The target must be willing and relaxed.

A willing person is always easier to penetrate. However, you might come across a situation where your target has given the consent but is unable to relax. You must then lead them to a more comfortable state.

Start by keeping your voice relaxed and instructing the person to do breathing exercises. Tell them to inhale through the nose, and exhale with the mouth. Let your subject do this until they loosen up.

The environment also plays an important role in achieving a peaceful state of mind. Such relaxation techniques always go hand in hand when learning how to hypnotize someone. The more techniques you know, the better the whole experience will be for both parties.

Get rid of all excess thoughts and focus.

The next thing you must do is to ask your subject to get rid of all excess thoughts. Worries, fears, apprehensions, bills... These things have no place during your session.

If you want, you can tell your target to visualize a bowl of their thoughts pouring everything away until the bowl is empty.

You can also make the person become more aware of their body parts. From the neck, the arms, etc. Instruct them to feel their arms and the energy flowing within them. That will help focus their mind on their own existence and not on other problems.

Make your move.

When all is well, you can now begin making suggestions. At this point, your subject is completely relaxed and open to what you have to say.

Be careful with your words because you don't want them to come out the wrong way. Keep your voice in the same relaxed state because your target is still in a "trance." End your session with a positive note and don't be afraid to give positive encouragement.

Learning how to hypnotize someone is that easy. However, there are more ways and levels of hypnosis you might want to read about. As you learn more about them, you'll also be given more opportunities to exercise your techniques and help people get over their problems, too!

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Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/How-to-Hypnotize-Someone/157813

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