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01 August 2008

Tips Wedding Scents! Scents for Wedding!

When planning your wedding, you probably focus on three of the five major senses: sight, sound, and taste. But what about scent? Did you know that scent-based memories are actually the strongest and longest lasting type? Finding ways to incorporate scent in your wedding is a lovely way to enhance the experience for everyone.


Scent is very personal. What appeals to one person may be offensive to another. For example, a very popular flower is the big pink Stargazer lily. I love the look of them, but I cannot stand the scent, which reminds me of a funeral parlor. However, many people love their distinctive aroma as much as their beautiful appearance. That is an example of why scent should be used in a subtle fashion.

Many of our best memories are scent based. Think about the smell of roast turkey and pumpkin pie in the oven on Thanksgiving, or the scent of a freshly mowed lawn on a summer afternoon. Don't you find that just thinking about those aromas transports you right to that time and place? This is the magic of scent memory.

Bride's Choice

A good place to start with a special scent for your wedding is with the bride's choice of perfume. Choose a timeless scent that you will always love, because every time that you smell it in the future, you will say, "Oh, that was my wedding perfume". For the record, I wore Allure by Chanel. It was a nice rich scent for an autumn wedding. For a summer wedding, I would suggest a lighter fragrance. When applying perfume, remember to use it sparingly. Perfume should never precede a woman into a room; it should be noticed by your groom when he leans in to give you a kiss.


Flowers are another way to add a special scent to your wedding. If you choose to use fragrant flowers, keep them far away from where food will be served or eaten, because the scent can interfere with the flavor of the food. A great place to use fragrant flowers would be near the entrances, so that guests will be greeted by their lovely aroma as they walk into the ceremony and reception sites. Flowers to consider include lilacs, garden roses, and gardenias. Scandinavian brides customarily include fragrant herbs like lavender in their bouquets.

Scented candles

Scented candles are another way to create a pleasant atmosphere. As with the flowers, position scented candles away from food. This means using unscented candles in your centerpieces, but choosing fragrant ones for places like the restrooms and lounge area. Of course, scented candles come in an infinite range of choices. Select a fragrance that will add something to the atmosphere of your reception. For instance, a fall bride might use warm, welcoming scents such as pumpkin or apple spice. You could put little candles in decorative votive holders, or larger ones in hurricane lanterns. It would be a great tie-in to coordinate the candle holders with the bride's ensemble. If she is wearing pearl handmade wedding jewelry, string faux pearls on a wire and wrap it around the base of the hurricane lantern. If the bride has chosen sparkly crystal handmade wedding jewelry, choose crystal-studded votive holders for a fabulous effect.


When choosing scents for your wedding, don't forget about the food. An old trick used by realtors is to bake a loaf of bread in the oven when they are hosting an open house. The smell of fresh baked bread gives the house a homey scent, and is supposed to help prospective buyers envision living there. You can use inviting aromas during your reception in the same way, to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed.

Scent is a subtle but powerful element to include in your wedding. A well-chosen aroma can definitely help to set the stage for your special day. Choose scents that the bride and groom both love, and use them to create a really personal atmosphere for your wedding.

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