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09 July 2009

How to care for a Diabetic Skin? Tips!

sually diabetic people require taking care of their heart, eyes and nerves which they do religiously. However, they tend to neglect the largest organ in their body, skin. You might not think of as an organ, but it is. It covers and protects your body, keeps the body at the right temperature and allows us the sense of touch.

Do you know 1/3rd of the diabetic people develop skin problems, which in most case is risky? Apparently, by following few simple, yet essential, skin care tips specific for diabetic, you can eliminate the chance of getting a complicate skin disease.

Here are few skin care suggestions suggested by diabetic association:

  • Ensure that your skin is clean and dry always. Use talcum powder in the areas where skin rubs against each other, such as groin and under-arms. Dryer your skin is in these areas, lesser the chance that you might catch an infection.
  • Ensure to use lukewarm showers and baths. Avoid hot water as it might not be suitable for a diabetic skin. Take care that you use only a gentle moisturizing soap.
  • Apply a good moisturizing lotion all over the body, however avoid the areas between the toes and it might lead to fungal growth.
  • Immediately wash any cuts or scrapes with water and soap. In addition use gauze pad to cover and protect them.
  • Visit a doctor in case you have a wound that refuses or takes longer time to heal.

keep these tips in mind and take care!


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