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15 July 2009

Part 2: July 15, 2009 edition of "muse on everything down here"

elcome to '"July 15, 2009 edition of "muse on everything down here"'. This time too there was overwhelming response and I had to split the carnival edition into two parts. This is the second part. Enjoy browsing through various articles published my friends....

old-wizard presents Top 10 Ways to Tell if a Game is ?Hardcore? posted at old-wizard.com.

Asmoday presents Collage to Your Center posted at The Asmoday Experiment, saying, "Having a hard time setting goals? Are you feeling stagnant, or apathetic? Do you have some pain you can't seem to let go of? In this article, I show you how to use the simple tools of scissors, glue, and creativity to blast them all away. And, in the process, you just might meet your best friend -- yourself."

Cory presents Yoga Is More Than Just Good Exercise posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Yoga is not only great exercise, it is great for the mind too."

Pregnancy Hut presents Preparing for Your Baby ?Recipes that Freeze Well posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, "Preparing meals and freezing them is good planning when having a baby."

Scholars & Rogues presents A Year of Culinary Experiments posted at The 48 Feasts, saying,"This is the first in a continuing series of posts. Thanks for your consideration!"

nickel presents How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Jack Norell presents
The districts of Berlin posted at Eyeflare - Travel Articles and Tips, saying, "Berlin has more than one downtown. The city's many districts, called Bezirke, each of which has it's own individual feel to it."

Cash Tree presents Healthy Diet: Only Part of the Equation posted at healthy diet, saying, "A healthy diet is crucial for a healthy body; there is no doubt about that. You have to give your body the right fuel in the right amounts to keeping it running optimally and looking right as well. However, a healthy diet is only one-half of a healthy lifestyle."

Cash Tree presents Home Workout Regimens: Something for Everyone posted at Home Workout Regimens, saying, "Everyone wants to find the right home workout regimen. However, what might be right for you could be a completely wrong fit for the next person. We all have different fitness goals and different priorities. Some people value muscle growth over weight loss while others are concerned about finding a home workout regimen that will fit nicely into their daily schedule. Whatever it is you need from a home workout regimen, we likely carry a program that is perfect for you."

College Degrees presents Distance Education Programs Offer Scholarships posted at The Degree Blog, saying, "Millions of people are currently enrolled in online degree programs, and this number continues to soar. Hardworking adults are realizing they don’t have to quit their jobs and give up their family lives to get a promotion or change careers. Until recently, though, costs for tuition at many distance learning universities were significantly higher than the costs at traditional college campuses."

Britannica Blog presents Studying Success in Education: Jay Mathews? Work Hard, Be Nice posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "Those of you who follow the work of The Washington Post’s Jay Mathews, often called the “dean of education reporters,” know that for the past few years he’s been obsessed with two subjects—high school college-preparatory programs (Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate) and the Knowledge is Power Program charter schools, otherwise known as KIPP."

nickel presents
How to Find the Best Mortgage Rates posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Michael presents 50-year-old man rams supermarket with Rolls Royce posted at The Odd Herald.

Ruoall Chapman presents Everything you need to know about how to Make Online Beats posted at Make Online Beats.

Rick Foreman presents Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - The Next Step in Human Evolution? posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

AdmirableIndia.com presents Maitri Bagh, Bhilai: Part 1 posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

College Degrees presents Academic Credential Evaluations: What is Your Degree Worth? posted at The Degree People, saying, "People who immigrate to the United States arrive in this country with a wide variety of foreign degrees and other education. Because of this, most people must have their degrees evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation agency prior to getting a job or enrolling in a higher education program in the United States."

Mikkal Travvis presents How To Survive A Flu Pandemic posted at Bird Flu Pandemic.

Susan Johnston/Julie Salickram/Allan-Michael Brown/Megan Johnson/Chris Gesualdi presents Boston’s Best Outdoor Dining Options | The Blog @ Directory of Boston posted at The Blog @ Directory of Boston, saying, "Now that warm weather is returning to Boston, this is prime time for al fresco dining. Here's a list of 5 favorite Boston outdoor restaurants."

Kasha Deveine presents Ban the Treadmill! The Role of Cardio Exercise in Losing
Weight and Burning Fat
posted at Ask Kasha.

Mr Credit Card presents
Buy a Fire Engine For $500 - Happy Memorial Day posted at
Ask Mr Credit Card.

Shannon ODonnell presents
a little culture…katmandu temples and stupas posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying, "The inspiration of the art and architecture of the Hindu and Buddhist temples and Stupas in Kathmandu, Nepal and the intermingling of several religions and faiths."

Rick Foreman presents Examples of a Few Common Ideologies posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

MC presents It IS What?s for Dinner posted at Shibooya.

Erin presents
Note from the Teacher: Free Tutoring posted at Note from the Teacher, saying, "Helping parents and teachers educate children."

Victoria Jennings presents
Is This Love Yet? posted at Time To Get Married, saying, "It is time to say 'I love you?'"

Ashley Cook presents How to Get a Good Workout on a Treadmill posted at Healthy Living Tips, saying, "Tips to get a good workout on a treadmill."

Darryl Kimball presents Weight Loss 4 Dumb Asses - My Dumb Ass Work Out Book - Are You Mentally Conditioned to Stay Overweight? posted at
www.weightloss4dumbasses.com, saying, "Has the constant advertising of the diet, weight loss, and fitness industry convinced you that losing weight is difficult. Have you been convinced that it takes a lot of time, or that it is just too hard, or that it takes money to lose weight? Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become mentally conditioned to stay overweight!"

Farid presents Five Steps to Better Skin posted at Acne treatment, saying, "There are five essential steps in skin care regime. By following this progression of steps regularly, you will be giving yourself better skin. Skin is like any other of the body's organs, and it needs to be healthy to operate correctly, which, in the case of skin, means looking great. If you want better skin, you should start following these five steps immediately"

Farid presents
Back Acne | AcneCareStore.com posted at Acne treatment, saying, "Many people who have acne find that the problem is not restricted to their face alone. Many sufferers of the disease also find themselves plagued by additional acne on their chest, shoulders, and especially the back"

Farid presents Puffiness Around Eyes Treat, Reduce Under Eye Puffiness posted at Puffiness around the eye, saying, "If you're predisposed to under eye puffiness, or you just find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing bags under the eyes, there are several different types of remedies and treatments to fix it. From cucumbers and tea bags to eye masks, there are a number of temporary, short-term solutions. But when you have puffiness around the eyes that occurs more regularly, you may want to explore other, more effective long term treatments available out there."

mary young presents Environment Friendly DVD Cases: The Greening of Music and Film posted at Security DVD Cases.

Farid presents Sothys Paris | www.DermCareMall.com posted at Natural Skin care products, saying, "The Sothy's Paris line of skin care is a company that has a skin care history that goes far beyond that of what most skin care companies that are involved in the business today can claim. Sothy's has a history in skin care that stretches back over sixty years. During that time, they decided to create a line of products and a methodology for treatment with their products which has lead to the Sothy's product line and treatments becoming featured at specialized spas around the entire world. The methodology and belief at this company is to unify the best advances that are made in science and skin care medicine with the most appropriate and effective spa treatments and applications in order to build a program that will give their customers the best results possible."

Farid presents Treating Acne at Home posted at
Gold Investing, saying, "If you struggle with acne, it can feel like you are continuously trying to
find a cure. You try product after product, but none of them seem to make a difference. You wash your face morning, noon and night, and never fail to exfoliate or apply your deep pore cleansing masque. You follow every acne-reducing tip you find, which means that you have completely eliminated French fries and chocolate from your diet. Yet, your acne remains. In fact, it only seems to get worse."

Lucy presents Uncovering the True You posted at Lucy's Life, saying, "Why do so many of us not truly know ourselves?"

deborah davis presents Thing You Should Know About the Modern Ways to Keep Your Store Safe posted at Anti theft security systems.

axel presents Consumed By Collective Fear posted at axel g.

nickel presents How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early posted at fivecentnickel.com.

SwissTgallery presents Muscle Confusion Workouts: Where to get them and what s the benefit? posted at healthy diet, saying, "Muscle confusion involves keeping the muscles alert and continually adjusting to new and different workouts. P90X is one well known program that utilizes the science of muscle confusion workouts. By continually challenging your body through a wide variety of workouts and schedules, you can reap maximum benefits from one workout series."

SwissTgallery presents Sticking With Your Home Workout Routine posted at healthy diet, saying, "You can often find motivation in dedication. When you truly make up your mind to see something through, it can be motivating. However, on days when the motivation isn t there, dedication needs to be present to carry you through. Don t give yourself an option to workout, make it a necessity, a daily requirement. More than likely you will find that you will never regret a workout after the fact."

SwissTgallery presents Johnson & Johnson Refuses to Remove Cancer Causing Chemicals from Baby Products posted at Organic Baby Wearhouse, saying, "Last Friday a letter signed by 50 groups representing about 1.7 million people was sent to William Weldon, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson. The letter was asking the company to reformulate it s iconic baby shampoo and other care products to be free of the cancer causing chemicals 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde. The widespread response it in reaction to a recent study showing many J&J products as
containing small amounts of these dangerous chemicals."

Scientific Living presents How to Tell Your Own Future posted at Scientific Living, saying, "How to scientifically tell what is going to happen in your future, why, and how to alter it."

Jack presents Urban Fitness posted at
Urban Lover, saying, "Some tips for getting fit while living in the inner city."

Edan presents Park City Ski Resorts posted at Park City Condo Lodging, saying, "Find out all about Ski Resorts in beautiful Park City, Utah, site of the 2002 Winter Olympics."

AdmirableIndia.com presents Bhilai to Sirpur on bike: Chapter 1: Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh (Kodar Dam) Project: Part 1 posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Ruoall Chapman presents Online Spyware Removal posted at Online Spyware Removal.

Darryl Kimball presents If You Don't Give Some Thought To The Body Fat Set Point- You Might Be A Dumb Ass! posted at www.weightloss4dumbasses.com, saying, "A very powerful article on the Body Fat Set Point. Is there scientific evidence that it exist and what is the best way to change it. Don't spend another dime on weight loss products and don't start another diet until you read this article on the body fat set point!"

Britannica Blog presents What Happens to School Choice if People Aren't Rational and Choose Bad Schools? posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "The logic of school choice seems obvious. If parents selected their children’s schools, they would not choose bad ones, so bad schools would not be able to survive. Schools would have to improve or close, just as a store that offers poor service will lose business to a store that offers better service."

Ashley Cook presents
Juggling for Fun and Exercise posted at Healthy Living Tips, saying, "Juggling can not only be a fun hobby, but a great source of exercise."

Rick Schiano presents The Benefits of the Worst Days of My Life posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

Rick Foreman presents Heads,
Tails or Neither. Or Maybe Both?
posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

Weekly Menu Planner posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "This free weekly menu planner will help you to organize a weekly menu which can be used for helping to plan meals and recipes in advance for busy people"

axel presents Rapture In Meditation? posted at axel g.

nickel presents What is a Mutual Fund? posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Pete the Beatle Geek presents
Did Michael Jackson Will Paul McCartney back his Beatles Songs? posted at
Beatles Gifts, saying, "The future of the Beatles Publishing Catalog is uncertain after Michael Jackson's Death. Will the songs now go to Paul McCartney, or will the songs go to pay off Michael's debts?"

alland smith presents
Options for Memory Card Packaging posted at
Memory Card Packaging's Blog.

Pete the Beatle Geek
presents Paul McCartney and Ringo Introduce The Beatles Rock Band at Video Game Conference posted at Beatles Gifts, saying, "Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Introduced the Beatles Rock Band Video Game at a recent Video Game Conference. They danced the robot too. See the photographic evidence and read the full story…"

Jessica presents Random Ways To Feel Healthier Today posted at
Jessica's Health Tips, saying, "Seven easy to implement ideas to make your life a little healthier."

Katie Sorene presents 10 Menu Mistakes that will Crack You Up! posted at
Travel Blog - Tripbase, saying, "Hilarious translation blunders guaranteed to make you laugh... a lot!!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of muse on everything down here using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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